Northwood... a genuinely unique franchise

A unique selling point

Businesses often claim to have a unique selling point that differentiates them from competitors, but at Northwood we genuinely do. Where more traditional lettings businesses act as the go-between for landlords and tenants, under the Northwood Guaranteed Rent service we effectively become the tenant and in return pay the landlord a fixed rental income. This has significant advantages for the landlord who no longer carries the responsibility for managing the property and more importantly the risk that the rent won’t come in. It’s a winning formula and one that Northwood has been offering for over 15 years. We now have nearly 80 offices nationwide and more than 15,000 landlords who trust us to provide them with risk and hassle-free rent.

So how does a Northwood Franchisee make their money?

Whilst guaranteeing the landlords continuous rent, we let the property to a sub-tenant at the (higher) market rate. The difference between the two is our income. The success of the formula lies in our ability to select the right properties that can be let quickly and the right tenants who will reliably pay their rent. As a business model Guaranteed Rent provides margins of up to 3 times compared to our competitors. It also operates on a quality-not-quantity basis so the number of properties that an office has to manage is considerably less than other lettings agents.

Do you need previous property experience to be a successful franchisee?

Absolutely not. Because Guaranteed Rent works so differently from other lettings services it can actually be an advantage not to have worked in the industry before. We are far more interested in whether someone has the right skill set and attitude to run a high quality, very profitable business.

The benefits of Northwood

  • A unique service in lettings
  • Proven business model
  • A recession-proof lettings market
  • Lettings, estate agency and insurance; three franchises in one
  • Excellent income potential
  • Six week training programme
  • Fully integrated software
  • Sensible working hours
  • Unlimited support
  • Five year renewable license
  • Large exclusive franchise territory