A unique guaranteed rental income scheme. That's the key to our success

"I opened in Aberdeen in January 2009. I was positive but I would be lying if I didn't say I was nervous. The training gave me the confidence that I could do the job properly and professionally. It also gave me the personal comfort that I would be supported if I needed to be.

"Within three months I was recruiting my third member of staff and in month eight had an average monthly income of £8,500. Having a unique product gives you the edge, plain and simple."
Steven, 29, was a former Finance Director for an oil company but harboured a desire to start his own business.
Steven Mearns, Aberdeen franchise owner

"While I opened my business in the early stages of the economic meltdown I am now in month 18 and my average monthly income is now £19,500. I just follow the system laid down by the franchisor."
Sean was an Air Traffic controller for the RAF before starting the Doncaster Franchise in April 2008.
Sean Myers, Doncaster franchise owner

"Customers love our guaranteed rental income scheme. Even our competitors recommend us and in the last 12 months from our small office we made a gross profit of nearly £350,000. Its a win win!"
Northwood's unique business model allows you to achieve unlimited success.
Stuart Calvert, Southampton franchise owner

"Opening a new business in the middle of the greatest financial crisis for decades seemed to many of my friends complete madness. I am a confident guy though and the training and support that I received from my franchisor gave me that extra reassurance. Whatever the market conditions are it's always going to be a very big decision to start a new business - you have to trust in your franchisor and their proven business model. I am now in my 11th month and have an average monthly income of £11,377. I have just taken on the shop next door as I am running out of space already."
The training I received from my franchisor gave me that extra reassurance.
Paul Ryder, Eastbourne franchise owner

Mike opened in July 2009 and has no regrets.
"Having run my own business before I am aware of the importance of a unique selling point. We market our unique service on the local radio station and recently their business presenter interviewed me because it is so different. We have been rushed off our feet and it feels great!"
Mike Proctor, Oldham franchise owner