Celebrating success with Hazel Cheel in Northwood Newcastle

With a successful 25-year career in social care, Hazel Cheel decided it was time to fulfil a life-long ambition to own her own business. In June 2004 Hazel launched Northwood Newcastle.

“My background as a social care manager meant I had very little business experience, particularly in areas such as sales and marketing but thanks to Northwood’s incredible support I’ve been able to build a thriving business.

"The quality and unique appeal of the Northwood Guaranteed Rent service far outweighs anything that the competing agents in the area can offer so we’re in the enviable position of having a constant stream of interested landlords."

In 2011 Northwood Newcastle moved out of the city centre office where it all began and into larger company-owned premises. With over 175 properties on the books, Hazel employs four full time staff. Two of the staff have recently been appointed as associate directors to relieve Hazel of some of her workload and thereby allow her to work fewer hours in the business in the longer term.

“Working with Northwood is a great experience. It’s a really positive company and has always been very supportive, not just at the beginning during the launch but ongoing over the years as well.”