The 50th O2 franchise store is launched

Within months of opening his first O2 franchise store Babar Khan has already launched his second, which was also the 50th O2 franchise store. Derin Ibrahim interviews

The O2 brand is instantly recognisable on the UK high street and with the opening of its 50th franchise store by franchisee Babar Khan in September 2007 the company is continuing to make a strong impact across the country.

Having worked within the franchise industry for 17 years Babar was familiar with the concept. It was while he was looking to purchase a franchise that his friend told him about O2. Babar explains:

'I'd been looking at different franchises mainly within the food sector as this was the area I had experience in, but when my friend told me about the O2 franchise I decided the time was right to do something new and to give it a try.

'O2 being such a big brand really appealed to me as it gave me confidence in the franchise and I thought it would be a good investment. I also liked that it involved working in an environment where you meet the customer.'

A mobile telecommunication retail company, O2 already successfully manages over 300 franchise and partnership stores in Germany and has brought that know how and support to its franchise programme in the UK. After receiving six weeks of training Babar opened his first store in Bradford in May 2007 and has recently opened his second in York.

He comments: 'The fact that I've opened my second store only three and a half months after launching my franchise shows the strength of the O2 brand. When my second store opened it was also the 50th O2 franchise store to open in the UK.'

With an estimated turnover of £1.6 million Babar is enjoying a lot of success with his business, however it is not only the financial rewards that keeps him interested in the franchise.

'I really enjoy the every day challenge of meeting or increasing targets as well as working with the people within O2,' reveals Babar.

'I also like being face to face with the customers and being able to put a smile on people's faces. I put my success down to being customer focused and I make sure we go that extra mile for the customers, giving away free O2 branded goods, which gives a personal touch. It's all about the customer experience.'

Although he has already opened his second store, Babar still has plans to expand further: 'I want to open another store by the end of the year and to have five stores within two years.'