Start making your own bubbles

For the first time since 2008, O2 are offering new franchise owners the opportunity to start their own O2 franchise store. We talk to Jason Phillips, Head of O2 Retail Franchise, about this exciting opportunity

We all know who O2 is. Many of us rely on O2 every day for our mobile or internet needs. If you’re not yet one of the UK’s 22 million (and counting) customers, you’ll most likely have gone to a show at The O2, or seen O2’s name sponsoring the England Rugby Team. If all that has passed you by, you’ll almost certainly have seen the ads with the bubbles; ads that have come to define the O2 brand.

So, picture yourself running your own O2 store – selling the latest products and services of one of the UK’s best loved brands, with the O2 name and their support right behind you, helping to guide you to success. It’s no wonder that Jason Phillips, Head of O2 Retail Franchise, has seen a rapid rise in the number of O2 franchise stores in recent years.

“We opened the first O2 franchise in Rotherham seven years ago. Because of the way our franchise owners and the O2 Franchise Team work together to constantly improve performance, we now have over 120 franchise stores across the UK. We’re really excited that for the first time in over four years there’s a new opportunity for ambitious, enthusiastic entrepreneurs to get involved and start their own O2 franchise store.”

“Combining your entrepreneurial strengths with our brand could see you eventually running a number of O2 stores – your own business empire! Our independent survey showed 81 per cent of O2 franchise owners surveyed gave a positive response when asked how their financial performance and returns compared to expectations.”

“Our franchise partners are part of the O2 family,” adds Jason. “They can access the full range of O2 products, be it the Apple iPhone, home broadband or the latest deals and tariffs. There’s Priority Tickets, Priority Sports, Priority Moments and O2’s Think Big community programme, which is brilliant for engaging local people and growing your business. So when we say this is a chance to start making your own bubbles, we really mean it!”

Jason and his team know how important design is to bringing in customers. So, franchise stores are no different to company stores. They have the same design, point of sale, tilling systems, fixtures and handsets, plus a free customer magazine is provided each month.

“Based on our independent survey it’s easy to see that our current franchise owners believe we’re giving them something that promises a great return on their investment. Our independent survey showed that not only does O2 lead in terms of value and rewards, but 92 per cent of O2 franchise owners say they would do it all again!”

If you are ambitious, entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, with your own ideas, make sure you find out more about this exciting and very limited opportunity to team up with O2 and start making bubbles together