Give your career a makeover by investing in an Oakleaf franchise

Managing Director of Oakleaf, Jonathan Banister, explains how his company's period moulding products can help franchise owners earn fantastic turnover from the property maintenance market.

Oakleaf is a unique and diverse business opportunity under a brand name with proven longevity. All its franchise owners benefit from flexible hours, control of the growth and development of their business, while enjoying the back-up of a highly experienced and friendly support team, always ready to help with any queries.

The Oakleaf franchise opportunity complements the company’s established manufacturing capability. Franchise owners are charged with the responsibility of developing sales by making customers within their exclusive territories aware of the products and services Oakleaf has to offer, targeting both the interiors market, and the equally lucrative property maintenance sector.

To ensure customers appreciate the quality and authenticity of Oakleaf products first-hand, franchise owners travel to homes and businesses throughout their territory, providing enquiries with a local service, including sampling, design, supply and organisation of installation.

The Oakleaf franchise offers attractive benefits to prospective franchise owners, in addition to those normally associated with franchising, including:

  • A unique product range, with little effective competition
  • Interesting niche market opportunity, compared to those usually associated with franchising
  • Franchisor operates as a family business
  • A variety of incentives to assist franchise owners with their local awareness campaigns
  • Attractive income, high margins

If you are looking for a distinctive business opportunity, handling specialist decorative products within your own exclusive territory, and if you are self-motivated and have the necessary funds to invest, the Oakleaf franchise could allow you to build a successful, profitable and enjoyable lifestyle business.

Period designs for the present

Oakleaf manufactures a wide range of hand-finished decorative mouldings, which includes anything from reproduction oak beams – upon which the company was based on its launch in 1969 and which remain its staple – to faux leather books, gilded mirrors and a huge variety of period ornament. Each product is cast from an antique original and reproduced in a unique resin-based material, developed to look, sound and feel like the real thing.

Many home-owners recognise the benefits of using Oakleaf planking to refurbish their mock-Tudor exteriors, seeking to replace the original rotten softwood planking with something that will last.

In recent years the demand for convenient, high quality home modifications has increased, especially the case in estates filled with houses of similar mock-Tudor design, all suffering the same rot problem. Often a single sale, which in itself can be significant, can snowball to further profits for franchise owners, as their customer's neighbours see for themselves the effect created and the benefits of Oakleaf's low maintenance products.

The rot-proof qualities of the Oakleaf products have been known for years, but since the great majority are used within a building, this asset has rarely been of any significance. However, its resilience in damp environments has been extremely useful in swimming pool and bathroom situations, when real wood products would tend to absorb the moisture around it, causing it to twist, crack or generally deteriorate.

Further revenue streams can be created as Oakleaf offers customers a variety of finishes and plank sizes, with installation supervised personally by the franchise owner, the result being a high quality product and service.