Drive your career forward with Oakleaf

Oakleaf Managing Director Jonathan Banister explains how his company’s fully-fitted mobile exhibition trailer helps franchise owners to generate business and promote the Oakleaf brand

Since the launch of period moulding franchise Oakleaf in 2001, the importance of local marketing has been recognised and the benefit of close inspection of its product cannot be overstated. The well-known strap line ‘seeing is believing’ was never more appropriate than where Oakleaf’s products are concerned. Many home improvement franchises operate from a static showroom, which may be visually pleasing and spacious, but when it comes to generating business, can restrict its franchise owners’ sales opportunities and customer reach.

Oakleaf offers its franchise owners the unique opportunity to invest in a fully equipped exhibition trailer, which provides a convincing ‘showroom’, where its products’ authenticity can be closely inspected and confirmed, but without the heavy costs associated with permanent shop-front facilities.

The mobile exhibition trailer also enables franchise owners to operate as a vehicle-based operation and go out and generate more business for themselves.

Oakleaf franchise owners are responsible for developing sales by attracting customers within their exclusive territories, aware of the products and services Oakleaf has to offer, targeting both the interiors market and equally lucrative property maintenance sector.

To ensure customers appreciate the quality and authenticity of Oakleaf’s products first-hand, franchise owners travel to homes and businesses throughout their territory, providing enquiries with local service, including sampling, design, supply and organisation of installation.

Local agricultural shows have proven to be excellent sources of sales enquiries, with the trailer contributing considerably to the franchise owners’ success at these events. Feedback from the network, especially the husband and wife teams, have suggested that by appearing at these events has not only delivered useful enquiries to follow in the months ahead, but also provides ‘a grand day out’ for the franchise owners themselves.

During the winter months, in the absence of open-air public attractions, the trailer has become a valuable asset at more corporate-style events, allowing an invited audience of professionals the opportunity to inspect displays and samples in a convincing setting, whether at their own premises, or at a suitable local venue.

The trailer was designed with a number of important aspects in mind, including ease of transport and manoeuvrability – being lightweight and only five metres long, it can be towed by a standard two litre saloon. Upon arrival, it can be easily moved into position by one person and can be open for business within five minutes.

The trailer’s interior displays some of the most popular products in the Oakleaf range, including a wide variety of the finishes achieved by the company’s hand-staining processes.

Of equal importance to the beauty and ambience of the trailer’s interior is the branding on its exterior. Boasting the company’s attractive livery – the distinctive gold logo and corporate colouring with contact details – the trailer whether parked or in transit continues to fulfil an important marketing role.

Oakleaf franchise owners attend a one-week training course, which is held at the company’s manufacturing factory in Yorkshire. This covers all aspects of the business including the product range, business systems, promotion (including the mobile showroom/exhibition trailer) and on-the-job training with the company-owned franchise operator. Franchise owners also receive dedicated ongoing support from the highly experienced Oakleaf franchise team.

Oakleaf franchise owners are required to invest a minimum of £25,000 + VAT to establish their business. If you are self-motivated and looking for a distinctive business opportunity, handling specialist decorative products within your own exclusive territory, the Oakleaf franchise team would love to hear from you today.