Business in a Box

With a franchise package designed to provide everything the franchise owner needs to operate a business from their own home, On My Doorstep is looking to complete its national network this year

Community website franchisor On My Doorstep currently operates over 1,000 websites covering approximately two thirds of the UK. The company is seeking franchise owners to complete its nationwide network this year, providing local online information for all UK communities.

Franchise owners will be responsible for managing either one or a portfolio of local websites depending on the size of territory. On My Doorstep is a franchise that can be run from home and, through its operate a 'Business in a Box' approach to franchising, the franchise package includes virtually everything the franchise owner needs to set up the business.

Most residents in a town would prefer to use a business or service available locally rather than one from miles away. They appreciate that to do so can save them considerable time and money, as well as being beneficial to the environment. The downside of operating a small local business is that often the potential customer in their area has never heard of them and might not be aware that such a service exists. They could be exactly what the customers are looking for but, unless they have a high-street presence or spend ludicrous amounts on advertising, they could remain anonymous to the very town they aim to serve.

On My Doorstep's website unlocks the potential for businesses to deal with local customers. Unlike other online business directories On My Doorstep has a variety of flexible packages available for advertising. These range from a very simple basic entry through to a comprehensive 10 web page website option with domain - a website for an amazing £300 per annum with full SEO! This means that there is a listing option for every business, large or small.

Franchise owners are based at home and the hours really are flexible fitting around your other interests - be they family, golf or something completely different! The start up cost is low opening the door, possibly for the first time, for many to start their own business. There are four territory sizes available starting at just £6,995 plus VAT. You could become part of the fastest growing sector in advertising today.

On My Doorstep is an Associate Member of the British Franchise Association. This means that the opportunity has been through a thorough three month accreditation process which checks every aspect of the franchise. So what does this mean to you as a franchise owner? Well, you can be confident that every aspect of the On My Doorstep franchise has been independently checked. It confirms that you would be joining a franchise which is run ethically, has a good, sound business model, a fair contract, potential to be economically viable/profitable over the long term and enjoys a high/professional level of support from the franchisor.

So who are On My Doorstep particularly looking for? Obviously there is a lot of hard work involved, especially in the early days. The right attitude and a cheerful, friendly, positive and determined personality are essential, plus a high level of self-motivation. You do not need previous computer or web skills as full training will be given. If you can manipulate text, tables and images within a Word-style document then you can already use the tools developed by On My Doorstep to run your own website. If not, you will be shown how to, it really is very easy! Some experience in a sales or customer service related environment would also be helpful but certainly not essential.

"We are looking for franchise owners who are outgoing and have basic computer skills to take over the company-run websites," comments Co-Founder Jeremy Woolger. "Businesses recognise that in a recession they need to promote themselves to maintain their market share but must do so more smartly. On My Doorstep offers them the perfect platform with extremely cost effective advertising options. Despite the current economic situation our existing franchise owners continue to perform strongly."


"On My Doorstep ticked all the right boxes and it is clear from the outset that the franchisor clearly understands how to run a successful franchise operation."
Paul Leader, OMD franchise owner Yeovil

"The On My Doorstep franchise is streets ahead of any of the competition - it's in a league of its own. It's so much more than just a directory and the potential for growth as a business is an inspiration and motivation on its own."
Colin Wright, OMD franchise owner Cookstown