Announcing the completely revised On My Doorstep franchise opportunity

After speaking to prospective franchise owners, On My Doorstep has unveiled a revised and even more affordable franchise package.

Community website franchise On My Doorstep, which currently operates more than 1,350 websites covering the UK, is seeking franchise owners to take on the responsibility for managing either one or a portfolio of local websites depending on the size of territory.

Co-Founder Jeremy Woolger explains the decision behind the new approach: "We have listened carefully to feedback from prospective franchise owners and have decided to make significant changes to the On My Doorstep franchise opportunity. We have slashed the cost of the franchise and completely altered the way it works.

"Territories now range from just £2,500 to £6,000, representing savings of between £6,500 and £22,000 on previous initial investment levels; this new approach makes it one of the most affordable start-ups in the UK today. We have also introduced a reduced fixed monthly fee of just £100* - a further saving of between £150 and £500 per month.

"No longer does the franchise owner have to create the business listings on the website, meaning they will be able to maximise their time generating income from their territory. Local advertising is paid for by OMD Central, eliminating the need for additional working capital. Free business stationery including brochures, business cards etc will be provided throughout the term of the franchise.

"Our target earnings have been devised so new franchise owners should be able to recoup their investment within two to three months, or even less.

On My Doorstep's website unlocks the potential for businesses to deal with customers in a franchise owner's territory and, unlike other online business directories, it has a variety of flexible packages available for advertising. These range from a very simple basic entry through to a comprehensive 10-page website option with domain - a website for just £300 per annum with full SEO.

This means there is a listing option for every business, large or small. Franchise owners are based at home and the hours really are flexible, fitting around your other interests - be they family, golf or something completely different! The start up cost is low opening the door, possibly for the first time, for many to start their own business.

There are four territory sizes available starting at just £2,500 plus VAT. You could become part of the fastest growing sector in advertising today.

On My Doorstep is an Associate Member of the British Franchise Association (bfa) and the only franchise opportunity in its sector approved by the bfa, meaning it has been through a comprehensive three-month accreditation.

So what does this mean for the franchise owner? Well, they can be confident that every aspect of the On My Doorstep franchise has been independently checked. It confirms that the franchise is ethically run, has a sound business model, a fair contract, the potential to be economically viable/profitable over the long term and enjoys a high/professional level of support from the franchisor.

On My Doorstep is looking for people who are prepared to put in a lot of hard work, especially in the early days. The right attitude and a cheerful, friendly, positive and determined personality are essential, plus a high level of self-motivation. Some experience in a sales or customer service related environment would also be helpful but certainly not essential.

"We are looking for franchise owners who are out-going and have basic computer skills to take over the company-run websites," explains Jeremy.

"Businesses recognise that in a recession they need to promote themselves to maintain their market share but must do so more smartly.

"On My Doorstep offers the perfect platform with extremely cost effective advertising options. Despite the current economic situation our existing franchise owners continue to perform strongly."

*Other charges apply

Reported by Fraser McKay