Televise your franchise success on is the official broadband channel of the bfa with promotional videos from leading UK franchisors together with news, training and invaluable advice.

• The online franchise TV channel with 60 of the best UK franchisors
• Promotional videos from leading UK franchisors with news, training and invaluable advice
• Advisory videos from banks, consultants, lawyers and the bfa
• More than 5 hours of franchise advice
• Access is totally FREE of charge
• Further information available with a single click of a button
• Two-minute online registration process

Franchisors can advertise on this site from just £9 per day.

If you do not have a video you have three options:

1) Just send Cre:8 Multimedia an image (432x234 pixels) along with the 500 word overview, logo and email address and you will be put on the site anyway. You will not have a video on the tv channel but you will still be represented on the bfa's official online TV channel.

2) Come along to the Cre:8 Multimedia studios and you will be filmed presenting your opportunity (you can use our autocue if you wish). You will need your own 500 word script, plus some images to appear as you are speaking. The investment for this will be just £500 + VAT and Cre:8 Multimedia can also put the video on your own website.

3) Engage the Cre:8 Multimedia professional team to produce a high quality franchise owner recruitment video for you very cost effectively with a professional presenter. This can be filmed either at your head office or at one or more of your franchise owners' outlets.

For more information about, please call 01603 620301 or email Richard Chatten