Orange for Living: The healthier franchise option

Run your own business as a franchise distributor of the UK's fastest-growing supplier of 'Free-on-Loan' fresh orange squeezing juicers!

Orange for Living is seeking a limited number of franchise distributors to complete its UK and Ireland network. The investment package carries a number of benefits seldom available in a franchise andl consequentlyl appointments will be made on a selective basis. Each Franchise Distributor owns a number of Juicing Machines that are placed Free-on-loan in selected outlets sourced by the company. Distributors visit each outlet to monitor sales and order the appropriate supply of oranges every week or so for delivery direct to each outlet on consignment.

Huge growth market

  • Consumers are pursing healthier lifestyles
  • Growing demand for pureb naturalf vitamin-rich and health foods

Concrete business model

  • Orange for Living is run by a management team that has over three decades in the franchise and distributorship industry
  • Vast range of target outlets for Free-on-loan, fresh orange squeezing juicer machines including Health Clubs, Gyms, Wine Bars, Golf Clubs, Sports Clubs, Hotels etc.

High profit margins

  • Regular and reliable turnover through all the seasons

Unrivalled Support

  • A guaranteed successful launch in the territory assigned
  • Full initial training and field support to follow that training
  • The Outlets for the freshly squeezed orange juicers are located by the Company

Business Franchise Package starts from £11,870