Reaching the top: Search Engine Optimisation

Today, having an effective website is an absolute must for any business hoping to register long-term success. And making a website effective means obtaining one of those elusive top-spots on the first page of the all-powerful search engines. Here Outbox 4’s Barry Duddy explains exactly what it takes to climb above the competition and reach page one.

Build it and they will come. Sounds great! Just create a website and new customers will come flocking. As with most things, it’s not that simple. Before customers can engage or buy from you they have to find your website first. Today, if someone is looking for a business, they’re going to either ask friends and family or search online.

With 85 per cent of all buying decisions beginning with an online search, ranking your website on the first page of the major search engines is critical, it provides that most precious of resources; buyers who are specifically searching for your product or service.

The majority of businesses aren’t really sure where to start when it comes to getting to the top of Google search rankings. They either think that having a website will be enough or worse, they think that only companies who pay Google directly enjoy the top results.

The fact is that your business can reach the top rankings within Google and other major search engines, and enjoy an incredible uplift in new business enquiries. Outbox 4 specialises in ranking the most competitive keyword terms with a ‘first page or it’s free’ guarantee. We have a systematic and proven approach to SEO and understand that we are judged on the results that we achieve for our clients in terms of where their site sits in the search ranking and the amount of new business that comes directly from their website.

We use ethical practices to ensure that your online presence achieves the visibility that it needs and appears at the top of all major search engines.

Our process involves engaging with you to understand the outcomes that you need, we then review your site and deliver a free consultative document telling you exactly what we will do to ensure that you achieve the highest possible ranking in the shortest feasible time frame.

Additionally we will advise you of changes you could make to your site that would more readily engage your customers and allow you to start building a list of buyers rather than browsers.

To find out more about our unique, risk free approach to SEO online marketing Contact us today.