Ovenclean is a ‘first class’ choice says former postman Matt

Ovenclean, one of the UK’s leading oven cleaning franchises, has certainly delivered as far as former postman Matt Fisher is concerned.

Only a matter of months into his new business, Matt Fisher says he is busier than he believed possible – and a great deal happier than when he was working as a postman.

“I’d become pretty stressed working for Royal Mail,” he explains. “The recent changes have caused a lot of resentment and, as a result, the working environment had become very political, so I decided I’d had enough and started to think seriously about working for myself. My father had always been successfully self-employed and I had seen the benefits of being your own boss at first hand – it was just a matter of finding the right opportunity for me!”

Matt spent some time looking at different options before short-listing Ovenclean along with a few other franchises for further scrutiny.

“I first saw Ovenclean at a franchise exhibition and was immediately drawn to the franchise,” Matt recalls. “I could see the business potential and I liked the down-to-earth, friendly approach of the people on the stand. I already knew that I wanted a ‘man and a van’ format rather than having to find premises and recruit staff and, most importantly, I could see that if I worked hard, I could make far more money as an Ovenclean franchise owner than I would as a postman.” As a result, he visited Ovenclean head office to attend one of the company’s informal Discovery Days to take a closer look and found himself increasingly drawn to the franchise.

“Investing in a business of your own is a really big decision. For me, it meant putting all my savings into something I believed in and leaving the security of employment, so in some ways I was looking for the potential flaw. Not only could I not find any flaws, but the closer I looked, the better the opportunity seemed!”

Before finally making the commitment to join Ovenclean, Matt spent a day out with Andrew Parris, a successful Ovenclean franchise owner who is also one of Ovenclean’s Business Developers, supporting new recruits to the Ovenclean network. Chatting to Andrew and watching him with his customers convinced Matt that Ovenclean was indeed the right choice for him.

“The rest is history,” he explains. “The timing for my launch was just right. It went really well, work was coming in from the very start and I had a couple of months to get into my stride before the Christmas rush. “I have had great support from the Ovenclean team – and from my neighbouring franchise owners – and I’ve not yet had a day when I’ve not been busy. It’s been brilliant!”

Matt concludes, “Being your own boss is a very different experience from being employed – there are so many aspects to think about. It’s not just about doing the job of cleaning ovens, it’s about managing your business, bettering yourself and making more money.

“Ovenclean has given me the chance to do just that – I’ve taken control of my life and my future.”

Reported by Megan Dunmore