Knight 'n' shining Aga! Low overheads and high flexibility benefit Ovenclean franchisees

Never short of work, Mike Bull is relishing the freedom to choose his own hours thanks to his Ovenclean franchise

Ovenclean franchisee Mike Bull is something of a hit with the ladies - but it's not his good looks or rippling muscles that have them falling over themselves asking for his phone number, it's his talent in the kitchen department! For Mike (pictured) is an Ovenclean franchisee which means he enjoys independence, flexibility and high earnings as well as enormous popularity!

Before joining Ovenclean, Mike worked for a number of years in a fishing tackle shop. He is a keen fisherman and has won substantial prize money in various competitions. Keen to have the flexibility to spend more time fishing and less time in a shop, just over a year ago Mike started to look around for an opportunity to work for himself. 'Ovenclean is the perfect business for me,' he confirms. 'I'm never short of work. The market is huge, after all every household has an oven, but because I work as an owner operator I can dictate the hours I want to work and have much more independence and control over how I live my life.'

Ovenclean is the longest established and most successful domestic oven cleaning franchise in the UK, providing specialist oven cleaning services to a large, virtually untapped marketplace. Franchisees operate from professionally liveried vans and so benefit from low overheads and high flexibility. The top quality, powerful yet eco-friendly Ovenclean product range, exclusive to franchisees, effectively cleans ovens and hobs, Agas, ranges and barbecues restoring them to pristine condition within a matter of a few hours. The proven business model is easy to learn, simple to manage and delivers a high earning, flexible lifestyle.

'I'm earning lots more than I did in my job at the fishing tackle shop and I'm certainly having more fun!' Mike affirms. 'It's incredibly satisfying. My customers are invariably delighted with the results - most book me in for regular visits and all of them spread the word among their friends and family, so my services are constantly in demand.

'The products really are absolutely amazing. Almost irrespective of how bad an oven is, by the time I've finished cleaning it, it literally looks as good as new!'

According to Mike, there is very little meaningful competition. Although there are other oven cleaners, none measures up to Ovenclean, he maintains. 'We do a better job and we usually charge less than competitors too. Reputation is everything in this business. If you do a good job at a competitive price and you're efficient and friendly, you quickly build a base of loyal customers that use you regularly and wouldn't use anyone else.'

Mike has done just that. His business is growing rapidly, largely on the strength of regular customers and word of mouth recommendation. 'I recently bought one of my original customers a large bouquet of flowers to thank her, not only for all the work she's given me but also for all the new customers she'd introduced me to,' he smiles. 'It's a wonderful business when your customers can't thank you enough and even occasionally want to pay you more than your bill - I've never been so popular!'

Reported by Megan Dunmore