Ovenclean proves to be a hot opportunity!

When he became an Ovenclean franchise owner, Ian Fidge, expected that it would take a while to make it a success but was delighted when it took off immediately

One time management consultant Ian Fidge has declared the launch of his new Ovenclean franchise "a spectacular success." Praise indeed from a man who expected, by his own admission, to spend the first six months of running his own business "scratching around for work and struggling to make ends meet"!

"After my launch, I was booked solid for three weeks and the phone just kept on ringing," Ian states. "I really hadn't expected my business to take off this quickly, so I'm absolutely delighted!"

Ian has spent much of his working life analysing businesses and, having decided to invest in a franchise, he was determined to approach his new venture with eyes wide open. He spent 18 months evaluating different opportunities, but Ovenclean soon emerged as the hot favourite.

"Initially I looked at business-to-business franchises that matched more obviously with my experience and background," he explains. "However, all too often they seemed overly complex and sometimes I couldn't really see how I was meant to make money!

"By contrast, Ovenclean offered a straightforward business model and a strong, well recognised brand name; it seemed to have the best package, the best products and a huge potential marketplace. I could easily understand how I could make good money from doing a job that so many people hated to do themselves."

Since his "spectacular" launch, Ian hasn't looked back. He says that now he has a better lifestyle with more control and flexibility, as well as a good income and tremendous job satisfaction.

"I'm very excited about my new business," he enthuses. "There's no doubt about it, cleaning ovens is physically demanding, but actually I'm really enjoying doing such a 'hands-on' job. Having been a process man for so many years, often spending days at a time stuck in a chair staring at a PC screen, it's a great feeling to be getting fit again and even losing weight!"

More importantly, he adds, he gets a great kick from his customers, who really appreciate his services and invariably book their next oven clean as soon as the job is complete. Already, he's receiving calls from friends and relatives of happy customers keen to have him visit and transform their ovens back to "as good as new".

"You have to be a people person to succeed," he asserts. "You need good customer service and communication skills; there are lots and lots of advantages to an Ovenclean franchise, providing you're prepared to work at it there's a good living to be made and a huge amount of job satisfaction. I have absolutely no regrets and plenty of plans for the future. In the short term, the idea is for my wife to join me and for us to take on an extra vehicle. Longer term, I'd like to think we could build a multi-van operation and take more of a management role as I get older, but that's part of the five to 10 year plan. For now, I'm happy building up my new business and living the life I please!"

Ovenclean is the longest established and most successful domestic oven cleaning franchise in the UK, providing specialist oven cleaning services to a large, virtually untapped marketplace, including not only domestic customers, but also commercial work such as schools, lettings agencies and hotels.

Franchise owners operate from professionally liveried vans and so benefit from low overheads and high flexibility. The top quality, powerful yet eco-friendly Ovenclean product range, exclusive to franchise owners, effectively cleans ovens and hobs, Agas, ranges and barbecues, restoring them to pristine condition within a matter of a few hours. The proven business model is easy to learn, simple to manage and delivers a high earning, flexible lifestyle.

Reported by Megan Dunmore

Initial Investment Requirement

This low cost investment requires just £14,995 + VAT covering:

  • Exclusive protected territory
  • Intensive Training Programme
  • Smartly liveried, fully equipped mobile workstation
  • Personalised Launch Programme
  • 24/7 UK-based Call Centre passing on leads
  • Ongoing technical and business support