Ovenclean is Peter and Susan’s pension plan!

After seven successful years as Ovenclean franchise owners, Peter Jacques and his partner Susan Griffiths have decided on a rather unusual retirement plan – they are substantially expanding their business to create a management franchise.

Peter Jacques and his partner Susan Griffiths plan to hang up their Ovenclean aprons, take much more of a hands-off role and enjoy an excellent retirement income from the thriving business they’ve worked hard to build.

“To be honest, our pensions are pretty poor,” Peter confesses. “We thought about selling our business and retiring entirely, but the truth is we enjoy what we do, we earn better money now than we ever did, we have excellent relationships with our customers and frankly we would miss the fun of running the business. Although I know we could make a nice profit from the sale of our thriving business, we think a better long term plan will be to continue to own and manage it, but recruit a team of people to actually do the cleaning work.”

To this end, the couple have invested in a second territory and a second Ovenclean van. They have also recruited their first employee, who according to Peter is doing exceptionally well, and they will be adding a third van shortly.

“He’s a super guy and he’s doing a great job – the customers really like him,” Peter confirms. “The strange thing is that rather than our workload reducing to enable us to do customer call backs, we seem to be busier than ever, so we’re more than confident there’ll be plenty of work to keep a team of three operatives on the road, serving customers across both territories.”

Sue and Peter initially chose their Ovenclean franchise on the basis that it seemed straightforward to operate, affordable and hassle free, with massive market potential. After seven years as franchise owners, the pair confirm that their decision to invest in a business of their own was the best they ever made!

“Prior to joining Ovenclean, I worked in security and Sue worked as a nurse in a care home,” Peter explains. “We were both fed up with working long hours for low pay and were seriously considering taking the plunge into self employment.” They finally decided to investigate franchising, knowing it to be a safer option than ‘going it alone’, and spent a good deal of time looking at various alternatives before discovering Ovenclean.

“We concluded there was huge market potential for Ovenclean,” Peter recalls. “After all, every household has an oven and just about everyone hates cleaning it!”

Their instincts proved right. Although Peter says it was daunting at first, they have a continually growing customer base and full order books. Currently they have around 2,000 customers, with well over three quarters using them on a regular basis, a fact Peter puts down to what he calls the ‘wow!’ factor.

Ovenclean has provided Peter and Sue with an excellent living for seven years and their relatively low original outlay has grown into a thriving business, with a substantially enhanced resale value.

However, Peter – delighted with his new plan to make Ovenclean his route to comfortable retirement – is looking forward to the next challenge of managing a larger operation, ultimately with three staff and two territories.

“I can’t speak highly enough about the Ovenclean franchise opportunity,” he concludes. “The management team is fantastic, they are all committed to really growing this business and supporting the franchise owners.

“In my opinion it is a great opportunity and there’s never been a better time than now to join the Ovenclean network, roll your sleeves up and get cracking!”

Reported by Megan Dunmore