Ovenclean proves prime choice for ex-butcher Tom

Former butcher Tom Tudor is relishing his new role as an Ovenclean franchise owner, having taken the leap into self employment after thirty years in the trade.

Tom Tudor says "I'd had enough really, I've worked in all aspects of butchery, from factory processing to butcher's shops; the hours are long and you don't have much flexibility, so when I decided I wanted to work for myself, I definitely wasn't up for starting up my own butcher's business."

Instead, Tom and his wife initially looked at purchasing a local newsagent, which they planned to run together. However, when they took a closer look at the books, they decided that investing in a franchise would offer Tom a far safer route to being his own boss.

"I considered several alternatives," he says. "I'm a keen gardener, so lawn care was one of the franchises I looked into, but once I'd seen Ovenclean I was convinced it was a better option for me." Tom was impressed by the massive potential marketplace for Ovenclean, the clear demand for the service and the fact that there was very little in the way of competition in his area. Accordingly he visited the Midlands-based Ovenclean head offices to attend an informal Open Day and says after some thorough research into the business, he made up his mind pretty quickly to join the network.

"I couldn't wait to get started," he confirms. "The Ovenclean franchise support team organised local advertising for me, and my neighbouring franchise owner Roger Motley - who is only ten miles away - supported me by providing training with real customers actually out on my territory. As a result my launch went really well. In fact, I started my business booked solidly for two weeks!"

Still only a few weeks into his franchise, Tom has been delighted by the fact that word of mouth recommendations have already started to flow - and is surprised by the enthusiastic response of his customers. "Of course, I can't rely just on word of mouth referrals and I'm planning some more advertising accordingly, but it's a great feeling that customers are so amazed with the results of your work that they want to spread the word and even want to pay you more than you've charged them for the job!" he laughs.

Tom's plan in the longer term is still for his wife to join him and reduce her hours working as a nurse, but understandably, he is keen to build up his business first. In the meantime, he is focusing on doing a great job for his customers and carving a reputation for excellent service in his local area.

"I'm so glad I did it. I was unsure what to do with my career, but I must admit, Ovenclean was definitely the right choice for me - I love it!" he enthuses. "The business is great, it's good to be in control of your life and I feel so much more relaxed than before. I'm really enjoying the whole Ovenclean experience and hopefully by this time next year, my wife and I will have the business we've always dreamed of running together!"

Reported by Megan Dunmore