Take control of your future

The ability to control his own destiny was one of the reasons Martin Walshe decided to invest in his Ovenclean franchise in September 2009, after being made redundant from a leading luxury jewellers in Central London.

After twenty years of employment, redundancy came as a bit of a shock to Martin, but spurred him on to look at something new. “I wanted to take control of my own destiny,” he reflects. “Never again did I want to be in a situation where my life was in other people’s control.”

Franchising appealed to him as it offered security and a lot of support, which Martin felt was invaluable – especially during the first year. “After attending the open day, which answered a lot of my questions, I returned for a few meetings and chose Ovenclean on the basis that it had a simple and effective business model, an easy-to-learn trade and it met all my needs”, he explains.

Martin does an average of three to four cleans a day, makes good money and still gets home by 4pm. The change to his quality of life is amazing, he beams; “When I worked in the city, I would sometimes work additional hours with no extra reward and, with over an hour commute each way, I didn’t have much time to spend with my family. Now, thanks to my Ovenclean franchise, I get out what I put in.” According to Martin, franchising really is the way forward for people wishing to have more control over their lives but with much less risk than going it alone. He comments: “Choosing a well-established franchisor such as Ovenclean, whose model is tried and tested and can offer a large supportive network, really helps you get through those early days.

“Three years down the line, my investment is paying off and I’m looking forward to the future.” Ovenclean is one of the longest established and most successful domestic oven cleaning franchise in the UK, providing specialist oven cleaning services to a large, virtually untapped marketplace.