Clients talk about how PACE helped their businesses

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Director of Business development, Leading International Law Firm: PACE help generally by demonstrating, first of all demonstrating, to partners, professional lawyers, that they do have the ability to stimulate clients to buy.

Partner, International Law Firm: We've held, in mergers and acquisitions, we've held our numbers much better than many of our competitors and I'm quite certain that's because the markets we chose but also the method that helped us get there, which was the PACE pipeline and we'll just be doing more of it

Partner Head of Banking Tax & Finance, Global Construction Consultancy: What defines PACE for me is that the workshop format works very well that it absorbs groups of a team together to focus on a common objective of business development. The model's straight forward, it is easy to understand, but it's then how the workshop explains the application of that model and actually make sure my colleagues leave the room actually enthused about business development process.

Partner, International Law Firm: Well, we kind of always known that they work for the competition - they may not know that we know, that we are aware of that - but we know and you know more power to their elbow, it's like us, we actually have a very good relationships with those competitors who we respect and, you know, the best use the best.

Director of Business development, Leading International Law Firm: PACE have a phrase which is not about selling, which implies pushing, but they describe it as building the motivation to buy, which is a bit of a mouthful but when you unpack it what it really says is we're not going to sell (i.e. push) anything on anyone, the client actually comes to us because they recognise that we have something that is relevant and distinctive to them at the time, that is a much softer, it is a much more acturate way of describing what you described as selling in the 21st century in professional services.

Partner Head of Banking Tax & Finance, Global Construction Consultancy: They had, we must have used PACE workshops on eight or nine teams now around the country and, without fail, everyone has come back saying yes that was a really good use of time.

Partner, Leading International Law Firm:The other experience we have had is that there were quite a lot of people who were quite cynical about the course before they went on it, but actually, how we had a very positive response to that.

Director of Business development, Leading International Law Firm: PACE are very, very practical and they are very structured and actually it is pretty simple, those three attributes really appeal to lawyers. Lawyers do not like abstract, good lawyers don't like abstract, they like straight language delivered clearly and PACE do that. Secondly they like structure, if I start here where am I going at the end of a given period and tell me what are the steps I'm going to go through, it is the legal mind, very important, professional services mind. And lastly PACE have, they have a credibility I would say, they are a very well known brand, a very respected brand, they're a brand that actually translates well onto the page and by that I mean that when I see on a cv that people have been through PACE training there is a certain currency associated with that. It has a value over and above ink being printed on dead trees, PACE is a recognised and reliable indicator of quality.