New website for Papa John's franchise

Papa John's Pizza has launched a new website with better navigation and usability features to make the pizza ordering process even easier for its customers. In just a few clicks, customers are able to locate the nearest Papa John's, customise their pizza; securely pay and either collect or have their pizza delivered to their door. Even the checkout part of placing an order is five times faster than it was before.

Papa John's Marketing Director Simon Wallis says: 'We are always striving for ways to show customers that their experience from start to finish is the most important thing to us - whether it be by using 100 per cent fresh dough for all our pizzas or by having the quickest and easiest to use website.

'The new site gives much more information to the customer, with a great deal of detail and images about the pizzas on offer, and which other items might compliment a particular choice. The website's sharp new design and sleek image mean the Papa John's message of 'Better Ingredients, Better Pizza' is clearer than ever.

'We have rapidly grown our online sales to over 20 per cent and firmly believe that this site will allow us to increase that percentage significantly over the next 12 months.'