Papa John's stops using frozen dough on menu

Papa John's has announced that frozen dough is a thing of the past on its menus. The pizza delivery franchise signified the end of the frozen dough era publicly, by asking members of its management team to demolish an ice sculpture of a pizza (3m in diameter) in London's Leicester Square.

Papa John's asked a top ice sculptor to carve the ice pizza complete with individually carved toppings of tomatoes, mushrooms and pepperoni for the event, which ended with the ice sculpture being demolished and members of management handing out samples of its fresh products.

Marketing Director for Papa John's Simon Wallis said: 'We wanted to really draw people's attention to the fact that frozen pizza dough is a thing of the past for Papa John's, and we felt that this was a great way of highlighting that we are the only major chain to make this promise.

'We have recently replaced our only frozen dough based pizza with a great new fresh Authentic Thin Crust product which now means that we never use frozen dough on the menu.

'We believe passionately in producing quality pizzas using the best ingredients, and one of those is certainly fresh dough. We think once customers compare our fresh dough pizzas to the frozen dough product offered by our larger competitors, they will be sold on Papa John's.

'All the feedback we receive shows that customers can really taste the difference between fresh and frozen dough, and hopefully this move will really raise the bar for the entire pizza business in the UK.'
Article published on: 19th Sep 2008

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