A new cafe concept is coming to the UK

Papparoti Café, the original coffee caramel coated bun, has taken the world by storm and are set to be the dominant force in malls and high street!

Papparoti Café first started the unique, single-bun concept in Malaysia in 2003. Right from the distinctive aroma that entices your sense of smell, to the visually appealing array of toppings and frothy drinks, the scrumptious signature buns and beverages are a veritable assault on the senses that has garnered international acclaim. Your customers will love them.

The brand’s success was sealed thanks to our loyal customers who throng our cafés daily to have their dose of our signature buns and coffee beverages. Our signature buns have gained enormous praises from professional chefs and food critics alike and are now immensely popular in countries from China to UAE, Canada to Australia. Although the art of pastry varies across different cultures, Papparoti has successfully developed a unique, single recipe that surpasses cultural diversity and appeals to an international audience.

It’s no secret that food binds different cultures and people from various walks of life and Papparoti seemed to have done just that.

Now, the Papparoti domain is venturing further afield, dedicated to spreading the flavour of our intensely flavourful and aromatic buns.

Papparoti is headquartered in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. It is now a successful chain which has flourished all over world with branches in Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Honduras, Canada, and Australia.

Currently, there are more than 400 Papparoti cafés and kiosks across the globe – an absolute testament to our brand’s appeal. With the growing appeal in metropolitan cities for fast food and pastries, Papparoti provides a new and unique home-baked snack experience for customers at any time of the day. From the first bite into the sweet and crispy coffee flavoured shell, to the final relish of the salted buttery fluff in the centre, the different tastes and textures take your palate on a journey of pure decadence. You can’t have just one!

In demand

Wherever Papparoti is offered demand from consumers is incredible – matched only by demand from potential franchise owners. So if you have ever wanted to start your own unique, simple food and beverage concept, then the brand should be top of your list! Register your early interest now to avoid disappointment.

A fresh feeling

The café is specially designed to provide a warm and state-of-the-art look to its customers keeping the colours synonymous with that of the bun. Mouth-watering photographs of the bun cover the walls along with the story that complements the uniqueness of the bun charm and inform customers. The café has separate dinning ambiance created in selected outlets to accommodate large groups and special gatherings.

Latest offers and specialty products are highlighted through in-store collaterals keeping the customers well informed.

While the face of the café is warm, welcoming, hygienic and informative the kitchens are equipped with state-of-the-art ovens, especially imported from Italy, along with beverage makers and high quality service amenities.

10 reasons to partner with us

  • An exclusive territory, using the powerful Papparoti brand name and our exceptional success story
  • Comprehensive training in all aspects of the business, including basic accounting, management, and sales and marketing procedures
  • Low risk proven business model
  • Advice on the design, layout and fit-out of your Papparoti outlets
  • Operation Manuals
  • A formidable amount of publicity generated by our international marketing and PR efforts
  • Unique product
  • Extraordinary operating margins
  • Very strong ROI compared with others in the F&B Sector
  • High value, constant support to help keep you on track on the road to success