payleven launches in France

payleven, one of Europe’s leading providers of mobile card payments, has announced its entry into the French market.

This makes it possible for the first time, in France, to handle card payments without fixed costs, contractual obligations or minimum sales through payleven’s Chip and PIN card reader.

payleven will be of particular interest to small and medium sized business owners as well as individuals from taxi drivers, restaurant owners and market vendors to tutors and photographers. The card reader connects via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone or tablet; this provides the most mobile service and countless possible uses. The registration is straightforward and the online process can be activated in just a few minutes.

Konstantin Wolff, Founder and CEO of payleven said: “Card payment is extremely popular in France. Fully 45 per cent of all payment transactions are conducted via cards. payleven wants to push this trend further and also enable all small and medium sized businesses to accept card payments and to make the operation of their businesses easier and more efficient.”