EuroDebt: Are you ready for a mission possible?

Since 2001, 59 franchisees have accepted the mission to help ordinary people in an extraordinary way. Rachel Spaul explores a franchise opportunity in debt management

More than a business, debt management is a mission requiring personable, empathic and professional people able to communicate on a one-to-one level with clients,' states Graham Dennis, €uroDebt National Sales Director.

With the popularity of television programmes such as 'Your Money or Your Life', and more recently 'Bank of Mum and Dad', debt has been brought into the open as a growing nationwide problem needing urgent attention. €uroDebt is tackling this issue head-on through its network of franchisees, who have already helped thousands of individuals and families regain financial control through its debt management services.

'Demand for our services is growing everyday and we're looking for more dedicated and ambitious people to join us,' invites Graham. 'There is huge potential for debt management companies in the UK. Through franchising our aim is to expand our services to new regions. The latest figures show that at least six million people in the UK are struggling with their debt payments and they are all potential customers.'

Debt can bring potentially devastating consequences to families and individuals through stress, repossession and foreclosure. 'Most of the victims of our modern credit culture are seeking the support of professional debt management companies like €uroDebt,' comments Graham, 'so franchisees can easily establish themselves in a short time.

'Whatever the problem, we provide understanding and support as well as helping clients to find manageable solutions without the need to borrow money or put their home at risk. In the short term we release them from creditor pressure and in the long term we save our clients money.'

The work culture at €uroDebt is very easy to emulate and every franchisee will be trained to become a licensed debt adjuster. An initial one-week training programme furnishes franchisees with an understanding of every aspect of the business. This is complemented by a mentoring support system whereby highly experienced staff members assist franchisees with their clients for a month to cement the confidence and knowledge they gained through the training.

Additional head office support is provided via telephone, internet, visits, and branded presentation materials. Marketing and promotional strategies are all provided to maximise brand awareness and generate more business for franchisees. When franchisees forward applications to head office these are assigned to an Account Manager and can be monitored via a unique computer system. A legal team, fully committed to helping clients, also support franchisees. In particular cases they have succeeded in securing full and final settlements for a fraction of the total amount owed to clear the debt.

'Every case earns the franchisee an initial payment of approximately £500, in addition to a monthly residual income,' explains Graham. 'One of our franchisees generated £26,000 in a single month and existing franchisees are earning in excess of £100,000 in their second year. When compared with an initial investment of just £21,950, the earning potential is impressively high.'

A €uroDebt franchise is flexible so it can be started from home with low overheads or dedicated office space. Graham concludes: 'It does take time and effort to develop a €uroDebt franchise, so you have to be prepared to put in the hard work, but it's worth it in the end. This franchise is both personally and financially rewarding - are you ready for this mission?'