New Sales and Business Development Manager appointed

EuroDebt Financial Services, a debt management company that is part of Pentagon (UK) Limited, has appointed a new Sales and Business Development Manager. Previously a Eurodebt franchisee, Vance Parsons' job as Sales and Business Development Manager will involve him being responsible for every aspect of Eurodebt's sales operations as well as aiming to improve all aspects of Eurodebt's business development performance by building a strong sales team in addition to providing a new focus for the sales strategy.

'Vance brings a wealth of experience and strong leadership to the position, making him the ideal choice to help drive the business forward,' says Richard Bramham, Eurodebt's Managing Director. 'His years as a franchisee means he has an invaluable insight into the marketplace and this experience will help us explore new sales and business development opportunities.

'This is a key appointment for EuroDebt, offering us the expertise and vision we need to implement our ambitious growth plans over the next few years.'