Secure your financial future

With a decade of experience in debt management, Pentagon offers a home or office based business that's both financially and personally rewarding

With the credit crunch taking effect on people's borrowing ability and financial situation, Pentagon is well placed to deal with the large increase in demand for the services of its franchisees anticipated for the next two to three years. With 70 franchisees operating nationwide, the company seeks management calibre individuals to establish new franchises offering its debt management services, which provide a vital lifeline to those struggling with debt.

'In a recession-proof industry Pentagon seeks to take the market forward by increasing our availability to customers,' says Pentagon Franchise Director Graham Dennis. 'Pentagon is the UK's only debt management company to focus on home visits as a core component of its client liaison. We have established in excess of 300,000 agreements with creditors and over 18,000 active Debt Management Plans with UK consumers and have a strong track record working with creditors to freeze interest and charges. There is a clear need for services like ours and this provides an important opportunity for individuals who can work to our exacting customer service standards.'

Pentagon franchisees are licensed debt advisors trained to assess and offer advice to consumers struggling to manage their finances. Franchisees make an initial visit to a potential client to assess their financial situation. They then compile a financial evidence report to support the case and pass it to the Pentagon head office team.

'Every case earns the franchisee an initial payment and a monthly residual income based on what the client can afford, calculated on their income, expenditure and a percentage of the payment to each lender,' explains Graham. 'Franchisees can potentially turnover in the region of £100,000 per annum - some are achieving turnovers of £200,000 plus. The amount franchisees can earn depends on the individual and their commitment to the business, but compared with an initial investment of just £24,995 (plus VAT), there is a considerable earning potential. We also provide franchisees with a retirement plan, so that when they retire they continue to receive an income.'

Pentagon has developed a new 'Introducer' programme in order to drive more business to its franchisees through recommendations from mortgage brokers and financial advisors. The company is conducting a nationwide tour of seminars to educate finance industry professionals about its debt management services and how they can assist clients in financial difficulties. 'We are finding that the seminars are very effective in educating those that have limited understanding of how debt management can work for their clients and how it can benefit their own business,' says Director Kevin Still.

Pentagon provides a comprehensive training and support package, which includes an initial five-day residential training course, followed by marketing support and collateral and a mentor programme. Franchisees are also supported by a call centre, which generates initial appointments and a team of account managers and legal advisors. 'No experience is necessary,' says Graham. 'It is more important that franchisees possess good interpersonal skills, are empathic and comfortable meeting people face-to-face in their homes.'

Text: Pentagon (UK)'Ltd