Photography for Little People

Award-winning Photography for Little People is fast becoming the UK’s most popular photography franchise

Our franchise owners love the flexibility, training and ongoing support they receive when they become part of the ‘little people’ community, sharing the same values and passion for photography.

It’s official – the UK is experiencing a baby boom according to the government office for National Statistics and the BBC. This is brilliant news for Photography for Little People as we build our business around little ones and their families, so even more potential clients.

Summary of Operation

Photography for Little People are the experts at taking beautiful images of little ones and their families, as well as making hand-crafted impressions of their hands and feet. We offer our clients a free professional photoshoot in the comfort of their own homes and view the images straight away with them. We can then put their images into our unique, beautiful frames or canvases for display in their home. Our pieces really have the wow factor.

Our impression range, which is probably one of the best in the UK, are hand-crafted and capture every line and crease. We also have a selection of pieces that combine our stunning photography and the impressions which are unique to Photography for Little People.

Our youngest client was only 12 hours old and we love to work with newborns, toddlers and famalies of all ages and produce beautiful images and impression pieces that capture special moments in time that will be treasured forever.

Photography for Little People offers a flexible opportunity to work from home and earn a great income through providing a mobile photography and impression service to families within an exclusive area. All equipment, stationery, training and marketing materials are included in the Franchise Fee. We do require an enhanced CRB check and public liability insurance.

“Photography for Little People is the perfect fit for me because it combines my love of children, encourages my creativity and enables me to be in complete control of my working life. It also means I can spend more time with my darling rainbow baby Lili."
Jessica Chu, North & South East London

Ideal franchise owner

Previous experience is not required as full training and support is provided. Many of our franchise owners start part-time with the aim of moving to full-time later. We only need you to have a love for photography and a determination to work hard.

Training provided

Comprehensive three-day training programme in your own home followed by one day at head office in Durham. We have an ongoing programme of seminars and workshops. When you are ready you may like to extend your Photography for Little People business by offering a wedding service to your clients and also work with animals. We have a range of beautiful new products and all training to extend your business is free.

Support services provided

  • 24/7 support
  • Free ongoing training
  • Workshops and seminars
  • One-to-one regular mentoring calls and network forum
  • Newsletters
  • Fab website

“The forum has been a great help to
raise ideas, congratulate other franchise owners on their achievements, general sounding board but most of all the support you get from it and the people is amazing.”
Helen Kirkby, Sheffield

Extra training

“I was disappointed when I missed the marketing workshop with everyone else and expected to maybe just have power point printouts or similar to try to fill in what I'd missed. So I was truly touched when Photography for Little People founder, Melanie came over for 48 hours of one-to-one training.

“As a teacher I enjoyed weekly CPD training (Continuing Professional Development) – it was an opportunity to be introduced to new skills by experts in their field, discuss ideas and approaches with fellow professionals and have some autonomy in the direction of my career. Not only was the training tailored bespoke to my personal needs and interests, it was relevant, intense and inspiring, not to mention delivered in Melanie's unique and inimitable style – with good humour, good grace and generosity.”
Stacey Hunt, Hereford

Franchise owner testimonials

“I don't know of another career that would allow you to earn so much money and still be able to do the school run everyday, never miss a school play or sports day, and be able to spend time with your children during the school holidays. You do have to be self-motivated though and if you are prepared to put in the hard work you will see great results."
Melanie Kemp, Durham

“When I was told I would be made redundant from my job of 10 years, unlike most of my colleagues, I breathed a sigh of relief. Although I enjoyed my job, when I had children it became more difficult to be able to do the hours I needed to get the job done and also difficult to be able to find the flexible enough working pattern to accommodate my children.

“I decided I would use my redundancy as an opportunity to change things so that I was more in charge of my life and could fit in both work and children without either suffering. I've always had an interest in photography and love babies and toddlers so a career in photography seemed obvious to me. Instead of setting up by myself I decided to join a franchise with a proven business model so that I could get started straight away without worrying about branding and marketing strategies.

“I looked at a few franchises but fell in love with Photography for Little People market image. I've been on board now for a couple of months so I'm just getting started really but I,m loving it. I love the work and I love being able to drop and collect my kids from school.”

Ann-Marie Gomez, Essex

“I was blown away by the quality of the images – in fact I felt quite emotional that I had taken them.” Steven Varey, Manchester “Our launch was fun. We generated over 30 leads and this has really given us a lot of confidence going forward.”

Dave Wright, Plymouth