A Day In the Life - Lee Humphries, Pizza Hut Delivery's

Pizza Hut Delivery is a thriving business during the harsh winter months. As Britain foresakes the cold outdoors, opting for warm, home-delivered pizza, The Franchise Magazine caught up with Lee Humphries, franchise owner for four stores in the Nottinghamshire area, to talk about how he spends a typical working day.

7:00 I wake up at eight or just before and it’s pretty much straight to work. My mornings consist of checking my e-mails and answering a few enquiries from managers and head office and making sure the business is in good shape for the day. I review the events of the previous day and make sure everything is filed and in order. The Pizza Hut Delivery headquarters are very helpful and I speak to them regularly and have lots of meetings with them. I speak to some franchise owners who prefer to run their business without constantly talking to head office and they let them do this too. head office is exactly as helpful as you want them to be.

11:00 I have four stores and I try to visit each of them two or three times a week for a good length of time so I will usually go to one of the stores for 11:00 am and talk to the staff there, talk to the customers, check everything is running well with the store managers and help out wherever I can or need to. I think you can only learn so much about how a store runs from a spread sheet, going down there and talking to the people who keep it ticking over is really important to my business. My first store has been going for 10 years now and I slowly built up my business to the four-store operation it is now.

14:00 I will move onto another one of my stores in the Nottinghamshire area. Originally I was a driver for Pizza Hut Delivery and worked my way through to become Area Manager down in London before my wife and I decided that it would be a good move to invest in this business for ourselves. For me this business is all about the long-term investment rather than the short-term gain. I am now beginning to earn the income that I was as Area Development Manager, but I know that I have an asset to sell when I retire and I will only make more money from now.

17:00 One of the things about this business is that it doesn’t really stop until the stores close and so I do tend to work long hours. I usually head back to the office, which is very near my house, at about five after visiting a couple of stores, I then answer calls and fill out various paperwork.