A day in the life: Mizan Syed – Pizza Hut Delivery

Pizza Hut is one of the worlds most recognisable pizza brands and, in the UK, this is no exception. Being a franchise owner for this brand is a task that Mizan Syed has undertaken with relish and gusto, and he explains how although his days can be very varied, from one week to the next, his passion for balancing family life and business is always apparent. He currently has 13 Pizza Hut Delivery stores and employs more than 300 staff across them.

For me, business is all about working hard and playing hard, putting in a 100 per cent effort into what I do to get results. However, it is equally important to make sure that I do take the time out to enjoy life and spend time with my family. With any business, you have to have faith in people and give them the opportunity to shine. I strongly believe that people are the core assets of any business and key to success. I bring out the best in people by having a reward culture in my business and I love seeing my staff compete against each other to be the best.

I like to start my day the same way, seeing my children off to school; it is important to me to always make time for them regardless of the day ahead.

Business update, checking on the KPIs of each of my outlets using our online systems, I follow this up with emails/calls to my team to discuss the results and praise good performance. I work through my to do list trying to prioritise as I go. I catch up with my emails.

Catch up with my Area Managers on the phone or sometimes a conference call if needed. I deal with any issues regarding HR, maintenance, contract negotiation and renewals, planning marketing activities etc. Due to the size of my business, I do not always have the resources to have a dedicated person for each department; therefore I have to juggle these tasks myself. I ensure I allocate time for expansion of my business, I am either researching or looking for potential new sites or working with my solicitors/project managers/bank managers/accountants on current new sites that I am building.

I get ready to leave the office to visit some of my stores. Sometimes I have pre-planned meetings with Area Managers or Restaurant Managers, but often I will conduct a surprise visit to stores to check on their service and performance.

I usually plan to spend a couple of hours at each store but the majority of the time I end up staying much longer. If there is a challenge in the store, I can’t just leave without solving it! I also like to engage with the team members because I believe you get to know more about your business by listening to the staff on the shop floor. I like to give feedback to the staff and management before leaving and recognise at least one person for doing a good job, I believe engaging with your frontline staff is very important and recognising efforts and success keeps them motivated. A happy team equals happy customers, and happy customers equals a successful business.

I am an elected member of the marketing board at Pizza Hut, representing franchise owners. I am also the chairman of the franchise council; therefore I work very closely with the Pizza Hut senior management in improving the brand while looking after the franchise owners interests. Throughout the week I would engage with other franchise owners either by phone or email to get their views on matters and help them to get answers to queries that they may have.

Most of the days when I return from a store visit, I will miss seeing the kids before bed, as its later than my normal office day, but I do ensure that I catch up with my wife over dinner. If there is time left in the day I will try to hit the gym, it is a great way to de-stress and relax after a busy day. Thank goodness for the 24-hour gyms!