Property: an investment you can rely on?

With the news filled with headlines about shops closing, large companies going out of business and the lack of jobs, it can be difficult to see any positives. That is unless you’re investing in property using a proven franchise system…

At a recent speaking engagement Steve Bolton, founder of Platinum Property Partners, explained why he believed the next two years offers the perfect time to invest in property.

“The current buying opportunity we’re seeing only comes around once every 20 years,” he says. “We are currently in a situation where property prices are at or close to the bottom, while the prices of rented accommodation are on the rise and capital values are only likely to increase medium to long term.”

Matt Hutchinson, Communications Director of, explains: “We have been tracking rental trends for over 10 years now and I believe there has never been a better time to be a landlord in the right sectors. According to our data, the gap between supply and demand for quality rooms to rent has never been so wide. Landlords should continue to see rents rising and voids falling through 2011 and beyond.”

When you consider 90 per cent of the world’s wealth is either made or held in property, and the fact PPP franchise partners have bought almost £50 million worth of property in the last four years, despite the economic downturn, property investing the right way really is as safe as houses.

PPP properties achieve an average gross yield of 16 per cent, and after paying all costs (mortgage, bills, maintenance and voids), the average PPP property will generate £16,000 gross profit per annum from rental income alone. You can see why it makes sense – logically and financially.

The success of its franchise partners proves the strength of the PPP property investment model – it has been strong enough to not only withstand the global financial crisis, but prosper throughout this period and beyond.

The business model is unique in franchising as it combines a proven and highly profitable business model, with safe, secure and appreciating property assets owned by franchise partners that provide future capital growth.

In 2011 alone, PPP franchise partners have purchased almost £8 million worth of property, and that’s after six months. There is a zero failure rate in the PPP franchise network. This is testament to the tried, tested and proven business model, that has enabled many people to replace and/or supplement their existing incomes as well as offering a secure future and a pathway to financial freedom.

Profitability, sustainability and lifestyle are all key factors when deciding which franchise is right for you, but the support and assistance you receive after joining is of paramount importance to ensure your success. Platinum Property Partners is a leading property investment franchise that prides itself on the extensive and ongoing support available for its franchise partners.

PPP believes that to truly excel in business and create sustainable wealth, it’s crucial you have the right support network, particularly in the property business, where the market is constantly changing. PPP prides itself on its ability to adapt to market conditions and to provide first-class training and support throughout the franchise relationship.

Investment locations: Peckham, Penge, Catford, South East London.
Joining date: October 2009
Portfolio value: £1.5 million
Current profit from income: £89,000
Current profit from equity: 12-17 per cent

Liz Bunton (pictured right, bottom), joined PPP in October 2009 and now has a portfolio worth £1.5 million in Peckham, Penge, Catford, South East London.

“I wanted to be in business for myself, but not by myself and that’s where the franchise scored in my case,” explains Liz. “There is help and advice every step of the way – and more – if required. When things are going well everything is dandy, when there’s a problem it’s very reassuring to have the weight of PPP behind you.”

Summary of Operation
Property investment franchise supported by a world-class team of experts. This is an opportunity for high net worth individuals using proven systems and strategies to build a highly profitable property portfolio that delivers market-beating returns and provides excellent pension provision and financial security.