Financial freedom with franchising

For many, the prospect of being a successful business owner and reaching millionaire status is just a far off notion. Tiffany Brooking speaks with two franchise owners who have made such dream a reality

When becoming your own boss and starting a franchise, the very least people hope to obtain is more control over their work/life balance and secure their professional futures – which for many of us would be a dream within itself. However, for those individuals who have substantial funds to invest in a franchise, much higher return on investment can be expected and even in some cases, that millionaire goal can be reached.

Working in the film and television industry for more than 30 years as a Line Producer and regularly jet-setting to exotic shoot locations, it would seem that Liz Bunton led an exciting and glamorous life. However, in her early 50s and recognising a change within the film industry, Liz was eager to discover an opportunity that would work for her.

Having already invested in property and the stock market over the previous decades, Liz was very clear that bricks and mortar would form the basis of her new venture. She explains: “I’ve lost more money in the last 30 years in the stock market than I’ve made. Conversely, I’ve always made money in property. To me, it’s a safe investment.”

In 2008, Liz joined property investment franchise, Platinum Property Partners (PPP), and now boasts an impressive portfolio of four HMO (houses in multiple occupation) properties with a fifth one in the pipeline. With a property portfolio worth over £1.5 million, Liz has been able to obtain the financial security she was hoping for but it’s the little things that have really added value to her life.

“Being my own boss is wonderful – I am master of my own destiny!” she enthuses. “At last, I can actually plan my life and have time for me. That’s the biggest luxury of all.”

Another individual who has been able to achieve millionaire status with PPP is family man and Chartered Accountant, Daniel Coe.

Having always wanted to go traveling, Daniel and his wife took their two young children around the world. Sadly, the death of a close family member brought them home sooner than planned. With an appreciation for the uncertainty of life and the desire to spend more time with his young family, Daniel decided to leave his corporate career and start his own business.

“I really wanted a new venture that would free-up my time but still provide me with a healthy income,” reveals Daniel. “Property is an asset that grows in value over time and thanks to the PPP brand I don’t have to invest too much time in the sales process.”

Since launching his PPP franchise in April 2010, Daniel has added three properties to his business which value his portfolio at just over £1 million.

“That first month of trading when I saw my profit for the first time was a great feeling,” says Daniel. “It felt like the first steps to financial freedom and it’s given me a great lifestyle change – I can now spend so much more time with my wife and children!”

While we would all like to be millionaires, it would seem that ultimately it really is the little things, such as control of your time, that are the real riches in life.