A franchise with foundations in success

Platinum Property Partners is a franchise opportunity that enables its franchise owners to buy, refurbish and rent out residential UK buy-to-let investment property in the most profitable manner possible.

Platinum Property Partners (PPP) is a business franchise that enables its clients to buy, refurbish and rent out residential UK investment property in the most profitable manner possible.

PPP is one the fastest growing premium franchise in UK history,with more than 80 franchise owners currently operating in 55 towns and cities across the UK. The company is an award-winning landlord, a member of British Franchise Association and the UK’s leading provider in this sector.

PPP properties achieve an average gross yield of 15 per cent and, after paying all costs, an average PPP property will generate £15,000 gross profit per annum from rental income alone.

The tried, tested and proven business model has resulted in a zero failure rate in the PPP franchise network and it has enabled many people to replace and/or supplement their existing incomes as well as provide for a more secure future. PPP franchise owners have bought over £50 million of investment property in the last four years alone. The business model has been strong enough to not only withstand the global financial crisis, but prosper throughout this period and beyond.

The PPP business model is unique in franchising because it combines a proven and profitable business model, with safe, secure and appreciating property assets, that also provide for future capital growth.

Case Study: Paul & Linda Cronin – Market-beating returns and a better quality of life

After building an impressive corporate career in the IT world, Paul Cronin felt the urge to run his own business. He and his wife, Linda, now own a Platinum Property Partners franchise, through which they are building a highly profitable property portfolio in Berkshire and Surrey.

Paul explains: “When we first ventured into the world of property investment, a few years ago, we were buying and selling and the benefits were fairly intangible. It was an awful lot of effort for not as great a return as we might have hoped.

“Before setting out on our own again, Linda and I recognised that we needed a better return on investment in respect of both our time and money. The PPP franchise and other Platinum investment options on offer, give us not only excellent financial returns – the kind we’ve not seen offered by any other property company – but also the kind of lifestyle we’re looking for.”

Paul and Linda joined PPP in April 2010 and underwent two days of intensive mentoring in May, focusing on the investment locations of Bracknell, Camberley and Frimley.

The couple have three houses with multiple occupation, generating a combined monthly gross profit of around £4,200, for a total capital investment of £264,000. That gives Paul and Linda an overall return of 19 per cent. In time, as they are able to refinance, although the cashflow will reduce slightly, the return on investment will rise, and they will be able to reinvest that money in more of these highly profitable properties.

The couple also get great satisfaction from providing really good quality accommodation for the ever-growing number of people who want to live in shared houses. With their youngest son currently at university, they are all too aware of the amount of sub-standard – and sometimes illegal – properties that are housing young adults. Linda, in particular, is always very keen to ensure that all the properties in their portfolio should be set up and maintained at the kind of standard they’d want their own children to enjoy.

“A large part of our decision to join PPP was down to the integrity of the founders and quality of the network – both professional advisors and the other franchise owners,” says Paul.

“Linda and I are enjoying more time together while giving something back. We’ve found a way to address the balance between input and return and are enjoying all the personal and financial rewards of running our own business.”

Reported by Fraser McKay