A day in the life of a Platinum Property Partners franchise owner

When Tony and Angie Mott (pictured) launched their Platinum Property Partners (PPP) franchise in the Birmingham area, in March 2010, they decided to split the work in order to make the most of their different skill sets. Here Tony describes a typical day he and Angie enjoy as franchise owners.

6:00am I usually wake up early and, after some breakfast, I will check the weather to see if it is suitable for me to cycle the short distance to my office.

8:00am I meet a crew who are working on new property and contact a Building Regulations company to arrange to inspect and certify the work they will be doing. I prefer to use a private company, rather than the local council, so we can build a relationship to help us understand what they require and provide consistency.

11:30am I work on a questionnaire and other admin for a re-mortgage we are completing. Although I am not a great admin person, getting finance in place is a key activity and I do keep on top of it. I may not be Donald Trump yet, but I do know that no funding equals no business. Despite the current economic challenges, we are in good shape and being a PPP franchise partner with access to brokers who really understand our business, is fundamental to keeping our business on the front foot.

12:30pm I catch up with emails and see a response from the Building Regulations firm, which alerts me to a couple of new requirements that will probably affect my plans. As I am not a builder and cannot assess the impact, I immediately visit our Platinum franchise intranet forum to seek clarification on the Planning and Regulations page, which will be seen by PPP’s support team and fellow franchise partners. People always question why we chose a franchise but it’s when you meet obstacles and opposing forces that the value really kicks in. This particular issue is not a big deal but it’s nice to have a support network to bounce ideas off and inevitably a solution emerges.

1:00pm Next I receive a phone call from a prospective tenant for a room Angie has just started to advertise. PPP teaches which questions are useful for telephone screening, so we can have a better idea whether they are suitable to view the property. Angie arranges a viewing next Monday – this is our third property, which is located in Erdington, very close to Angie’s other business, so it will be easy for her to pop out and show the prospective tenant around.

2:00pm To prepare for a meeting with our accountant next week, I visit the bookkeeper that looks after Angie’s domiciliary care business to ensure I haven’t made a complete mess of what I had done so far. When we bought the franchise, I decided it was essential for me to really understand all the financial matters and I volunteered to do the bookkeeping for the first two years. I then made the mistake of stuffing all the receipts for the renovation and refurbishment of our first three properties into a shoebox and had to spend nearly three weeks untangling them and entering them into an accounts package!

2:30pm I go home for lunch and look through the local property pages, as we are keen to get two more properties in the pipeline. Finding the right property is a key part of our business – Angie is really interested in this part and has the lead on identifying prospect properties. I flick through the pages just hoping to get lucky and see something she might have missed.

4:30pm A friend picks me up and we go to a local property auction to see what is currently on the market. Later I go back onto the PPP intranet and see that Alison, who is PPP’s Planning and Building Regulations Consultant, has responded detailing what changes may occur, alongside directing me to a website for more information and offering to get some example costs.

7:00pm A busy but productive day closes and we enjoy a family dinner. Some days we can work very long days, but others, for example, when one of the children has a play/assembly – we can take the time out to be with them.