Profit from property: A unique investment strategy

Profit from property: A unique investment strategy Are you interested in achieving financial freedom and a better quality of life through investing in property? Platinum Property Partners is combining a unique property investment strategy with comprehensive one-to-one mentoring, training and ongoing support in the form of a franchise in order to build a national network of Franchise Partners. Stuart Anderson reports

The phenomenal growth of the UK's property sector over the last decade has attracted a number of investors to 'play the property market', with varied success. Platinum Property Partners (PPP) recognises that there are still substantial gains to be made by investors who develop their portfolios using proven investment techniques, and is introducing a unique new formula for maximising capital gain and cash yield.

'Platinum Property Partners (PPP) is based on a very successful and profitable buy-to-let investment strategy,' say Co-Founders Steve Bolton and Nick Carlile, two highly successful property investors and unconventional entrepreneurs with multi-million pound property portfolios. 'One of the unique features of the system pioneered by PPP is that it generates a regular and reliable source of profit for the Franchise Partners in addition to capital growth.

'Franchise Partners are expected to make a minimum monthly profit of £650 per month from rental income alone AFTER the mortgage and bills have been paid from every single property. This gives great protection against a property market crash and/or continued interest rate rises.'

Franchise Partners buy property investments in the UK and abroad following a tried, tested and proven system to make profit and substantially increase their net worth. PPP is endorsed by BBC property presenters Martin Roberts from 'Homes Under the Hammer', and Sarah Walker from 'To Buy or Not to Buy'. The founders themselves have generated high profiles through being profiled on Sky TV programmes including 'Property Kings', 'Property Pensions' and 'Head to Head'. Both entrepreneurs point to the success of their own portfolios, which has enabled them both to take three months' holiday each year to travel the world with their families.

A comprehensive Franchise Package has been developed which provides everything necessary for an effective launch of the business, including a quick start pack, stationery, promotional materials, operations manual and a mentoring/launch programme.

PPP then commits to providing ongoing support to assist Franchise Partners in developing their business beyond launch, with regular workshops, a 'Power Team' of advisors and specialists (including mortgage brokers, solicitors, taxation specialists, surveyors and builders), online promotion on the PPP website, newsletters, meetings, a Franchise Partner conference and a Head Office client manager, who will provide a regular point of contact to supply ongoing advice and guidance.

PPP also analyses the key performance indicators of all its Franchise Partners' businesses to ensure that performance and profitability are continually being strengthened.

PPP is seeking high net-worth investors with a minimum of £300,000 in equity or savings to further develop their property portfolio in association with PPP. Prior to its official launch in July PPP had its first 10 Franchise Partners in place, including Steve Hogan and Linda Popplewell, two of PPP's Foundation Franchise Partners who have sales agreed on six properties in the UK and abroad worth in excess of £1.2 million just five days after the start up mentoring programme.

'We both liked the fact that the people running the company were successful and they had created a tried and tested system that they were happy to share with others,' say Steve and Linda. 'The cost of free education is expensive. When we looked at the size of the portfolio we could build with a very low level of risk and high level of income and net worth, the value offered by the PPP franchise was exceptional.'