A Platinum-plated franchise opportunity

Property investment opportunity Platinum Property Partners enables its franchise owners to buy, refurbish and rent out residential property in a highly profitable manner.

With more than 80 franchise owners operating in 55 towns and cities, Platinum Property Partners (PPP) is one of the fastest growing premium franchises in the UK. The company is an award-winning landlord, a member of The British Franchise Association and the UK’s leading provider in this sector. PPP properties achieve an average gross yield of 16 per cent and, after paying all costs (mortgage, bills, maintenance and voids), an average PPP property will generate £16,000 gross profit per annum from rental income alone.

PPP helps people who are frustrated with their current levels of income and/or pension provision. The tried, tested and proven business model has resulted in a zero failure rate in the PPP franchise network and it has enabled many people to supplement or even replace their existing incomes, as well as providing for a more secure future.

PPP franchise owners have purchased more than £45 million worth of investment property in the last four years alone. The business model has been strong enough to not only withstand the global financial crisis but prosper throughout this period and beyond. The PPP business model is unique in franchising because it combines a proven and highly profitable business model, with safe, secure and appreciating property assets that also provide for future capital growth.

Do Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) work?

With continued rise in demand for rental accommodation and rental prices on the increase, renting on a room by room rental basis makes clear financial sense. We have franchise owners in 55 towns and cities in UK, with occupancy levels in their HMOs at 97 per cent.

The average UK buy to let property receives yields of four per cent; our franchise owners receive average yields of 16 per cent.

Key benefits of franchising with PPP:

  • Risk avoidance – with proven systems in place, there’s a higher likelihood of success
  • Turn-key business – all the market research, R&D and testing has been done for you
  • Strong corporate image, national brand, leverage with all suppliers and marketing
  • Customers/tenants are twice as likely to buy/rent from a franchised brand
  • Ongoing training, development and mentoring
  • Franchisor incentivised through Management Service Fees in your success
  • Easier to obtain finance from passive investors

A proven, reliable and professional business system

You won’t find a more tried, tested and proven way to make weekly, monthly and annual profits, irrespective of market conditions. The PPP HMO strategy has been described as ‘bomb-proof’ because you can remove all risk before you invest a penny, if you do it right and learn from those currently doing so.

HMOs are suitable for both novice and more experienced investors/developers. However, you cannot do this on your own – unless you want to waste a lot of money and time. This is where the PPP franchise can help. Approximately 90 per cent of new businesses fail in the first two years, yet around 90 per cent of new franchise owners succeed in the first two years!

Case Study: Steve & Linda Hogan

Joined Franchise: 2007
HMO Location: Aylesbury

Number of Properties:
6x HMOs
3x International investments
2x Joint ventures with fellow franchise owners – soon to be four.

What they say?
“We did a lot of due diligence and research before selecting Platinum Property Partners, which impressed us hugely with the calibre of individuals involved and the franchise opportunity. The fact they only make a profit when we do, reassures us their interests are directly aligned with ours and we are confident that working closely with PPP, we are investing in the best way we can and maximising our chance of success.”