Prima Ardelle Associates: a flexible, scalable and profitable franchise

Established in 2003 by husband and wife team Martin and Bonita Wood, recruitment business Prima Ardelle Associates is keen to show off the many benefits of its franchise opportunity, of which working no weekends and enjoying an excellent work/life balance is a leading example.

Director Martin Wood explains: “The reason we started the business was because we were both working hours including late nights and weekends in a corporate setting.

“When we had our first child, we wanted to maintain our current earnings, (which we have actually bettered), but have a better work/life balance. Our business doesn’t operate weekends. It is a 9-5 Monday to Friday B2B operation. Obviously, in the early days, you get out of a new launch what you put in, but I can honestly say that neither of us has worked a weekend in this business.”

Growth market
In the post-recession environment, there are clear signs from industry experts that demonstrate that progressive companies will face a challenge in attracting and retaining talent. This makes the recruitment industry very appealing in that recruitment is identified as a growth market, which is why Prima Ardelle Associates is such a good opportunity right now.

The comprehensive package received by franchise owners for their investment includes a thorough and in-depth modular training course, exclusive clients, a business launch programme with personalised marketing (including social media), complete computer hardware and software setup with remote IT support, dedicated business telephone system, a presence on the Prima Ardelle Associates national website with advertising, business planning, centralised invoicing and access to the national support and training centre, amongst many other benefits.

Martin comments: “The training is quite intense, but it is in our business owners’ interest to get up to speed quickly, because the sooner that happens, the sooner the business is fully operational. We want to help our people get billing as swiftly as possible, to start making placements and therefore making money.”

A scalable, profitable, low cost business
The speed with which the owners themselves grew their business in the early days is indicative of the scalability of a Prima Ardelle Associates franchise and the fast returns franchise owners can expect. The Woods took less than 12 months to grow their business from a home-run affair into a well-performing office with staff.

Martin comments: “It is a low-cost business to set up and operate; as business owners ourselves we wanted to ensure that it was profitable, and recruitment is a very profitable business. There is no stock or inventory to hold; you are servicing local clients, and if you provide them with the right staff, then the rewards are high.

“Even in the recession, it has always been a business that has produced good profit margins for us. It is very easy to run, gives a good quality of life, with good earnings potential.

“This works because we have the systems in place. We have nailed this down to exactly what works and will give people the results they need. It is a proven business model. Prima Ardelle Associates has been running since 2003, and the franchise format since 2013. Every year the company has made profit.”

Additionally, the flexible nature of the business leaves franchise owners free to grow the business to the level that works for them. For example, somebody who wishes to purely work from home can invest a smaller amount, without the cost of office space, and their lower overheads mean they can still keep profits up. Meanwhile, somebody who is highly ambitious can run Prima Ardelle Associates as a fully managed, office-based business with additional staff and greater earnings potential. There are different price points to suit these preferences.

“If an individual wants to operate from a home based office and desires simply to make a good living with work life balance without the need for staff and premises costs , then we are happy to demonstrate exactly how to achieve this. After all it is how we got started originally,” advised Bonita.

People tired of the 9-5 office-based structure will also appreciate the opportunity to go out and meet local business clients on a regular basis, but with benefit of working in a “white collar“ industry that is not affected by the UK seasonal variances.

The ideal owner
Bonita described the ideal individual for Prima Ardelle Associates, with the best chance of succeeding: “You need to come from a background that is customer service-driven, not necessarily sales, but with very good communication and rapport-building skills. You must be methodical and organised in the way you work, and not afraid to pick up the telephone and go out.

“You have to be very service-driven, as a lot of the time, you are either on the telephone or out visiting people, and you have to be a people person, not afraid of dealing with rejection. It is important to keep going and close, but I don’t believe it is a hard close, because people either have a vacancy and want to use you, or they don’t.”

Martin adds: “For anybody with the right attitude that wants to earn money, is driven and is comfortable dealing with people, this business will suit them and is very varied and rewarding. We will train and support you to work to our easy-to-operate systems and procedures to make your business the success you desire.”

“With increased confidence shown throughout the UK’s employment markets there really hasn’t been a better time to start a recruitment business,” concludes Bonita.