Q & A: Prima Ardelle

When James Cooper was searching for the ideal franchise opportunity, the excellent work/life balance and quality support structure led him to the quality recruitment franchise

The Franchise Magazine: When did you become a Prima Ardelle franchise owner, and why did you choose it over the competition?

James Cooper: I started the franchise in December 2013. I looked at various business opportunities and I felt Prima Ardelle Associates allowed me to use transferrable skills. The start-up costs also fell within my budget and after meeting with the franchisor I felt would he would be someone who I could work with.

TFM: What did you do beforehand? Did you have transferrable skills?

JC: I worked in retail for more than 20 years for some major brands including up to Area Management level.

TFM: The franchisors stressed that a good work/life balance, and not having to work weekends, was a major selling point of this franchise. Do you agree?

JC: I agree that the opportunity gives you a good work/life balance, however you do have to be able to manage this effectively in order to achieve the best results.

TFM: How did you find the initial training, and what support is available long-term?

JC: I rate the initial training very highly and the ongoing support has also been very good.

TFM: Is it easy to find clients/work, and is the investment paying off?

JC: It’s not easy to instantly find clients and work, but I would say the opportunities are out there and if you persevere and work smart, it will pay dividends.

TFM: Could you describe a typical day as a Prima Ardelle franchise owner?

JC: I arrive at the office at around 8:30am, have a brief meeting with staff and set daily planners for the office, sift through all emails received from the night before to establish relevant CVs from job applications.

I will then contact candidates and conduct interviews, register candidates and submit to vacancies. From there, I follow up on the previous day’s submittals, with a view to arranging interviews.

Afterwards, I resource for vacancies where required and contact any candidates on feedback regarding interviews taking place and interviews that have already taken place.

Then I contact clients who have interviewed candidates for feedback and arrange second interviews where needed and also focus on client development, including going out prospecting to gather market intelligence.

On a normal day, I leave the office at 5:30pm. These are typical activities, however everyday is varied.

TFM: What sort of skills do you need to make a success of this franchise?

JC: You need to be professional, business-minded, well-educated, persistent, resourceful, very organised, resilient and more.

TFM: Would you recommend the franchise to others?

JC: I would, however be prepared for plenty of up and down’s through the early stages, before the hard work pays off.