There has never been a better time…

…to start a recruitment business

But don’t just take our word for it!

UK recruitment industry reports ongoing job boom in September 2014… Recruitment industry survey data signalled another near-record surge in demand for staff in September.
Chris Williamson | Chief Economist, Markit

Britian’s jobs market is booming far beyond the capital
Chris Giles – The FT

A Prima Aredelle Assoiciates recruitment business benefits from:

Retain 90% of your earnings
Easy to operate and quick to start up
9-5 office hours with NO weekends
Work from home and beat the commute
Franchise cost includes everything with NO hidden extras
Higher than average profit potential
Indsutry accredited comprehensive training

If you want to earn more money and spend more time with your family and feel that you would like to be a professional recruiter, then we are interested in speaking with you.
“You could earn around £4,000 to £8,500 a month by following our simple business systems. If you are a professional person looking to maintain your earnings whilst enjoying a good quality of work life balance, I’d love to talk to you”
Bonita Wood
Director Prima Ardelle Associates