Our Business is Sport, make it yours with Progressive Sports!

Progressive Sports has a long-term vision of being able to provide the 'Progressive Sports experience' to the widest possible audience.

The company continues to recruit like-minded individuals to spread its values to every corner of the UK - through a professional franchising model. Progressive Sports believes the model it has created should provide potential franchises with a turnover in excess of £200,000 within a couple of years - with profit margins reaching 25%-30%!

Progressive Sports was founded by Eddie Ray in 2006. Eddie explains: "Progressive Sports has been established with a simple ethos: to empower and raise standards of achievement by providing schools and communities with expert sports provision which promotes a healthy and active lifestyle."

Eddie has spent a number of years perfecting the business, and is very excited about the franchise model. Eddie says: " We have developed a very comprehensive model which will offer potential franchises with several revenue streams. The sports education sector is a growing market, which is positive for anybody entering the industry. There are exciting times ahead, and with our market know-how potential franchises will benefit from this." The Sports Education market is continuing to grow. The government's determination to tackle the problem of child obesity and the new legislation it has introduced have triggered a significant movement by schools and local communities towards inviting greater involvement of private sports companies.

At the core of Progressive Sports' business is the provision of a range of programmes to support Physical Education in schools and also to provide sport to the wider community. Progressive Sports range of programmes include traditional activities like football and cricket and some less traditional activities like streetdance and dodgeball, which all helps with Progressive Sports' appeal to the widest possible audience.

With the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games fast approaching, the UK will undoubtedly see further surges of interest in sports activities of all kinds. This in turn will create major new opportunities for well respected companies like Progressive Sports.

Our dedicated franchise support team provides training in all areas of the business; from actually delivering the programmes, to promoting the business, making the right contacts, training your staff and maximising your profits.

The Progressive Sports formula is built on sound values, strong beliefs and a willingness to engage young people in physical activity and sport. The company continues to grow and develop with the needs of its customers, rising to the challenge of, above all, raising standards!

We are very keen to hear from like-minded people who are interested in joining our growing network of franchise owners.