Introducing The Future of Franchising

It is with irrepressible excitement that we welcome you to experience a completely unique franchise opportunity and in many ways the first of its kind. Project Miner is a virtual franchise whereby franchise owners earn money through two disparate revenue streams. The Franchise Magazine introduces unquestionably the franchise of the future.

The Video Games Market

Video games and mobile apps are big business in 2014 and this is just the beginning as this ascending market is still in its infancy. Last year, the sector generated over $90 billion in overall revenue. The explosive growth in this market is fuelled mostly by developments in technology and improvements in what a video game can represent to a consumer – national headlines reaffirm how strong this sector currently is.

After the success of the Candy Crush phenomenon and the company floating for over $7billion, people are asking how they can tap into this market. The answer is Virtual Gaming Franchising.

What is Virtual Gaming Franchising?

The beauty of this idea is that you do not need to know a thing about gaming or franchising because this is very much a new-look structure with a frighteningly bright future. The game currently being developed – under the working title Project Miner – will be an extremely sophisticated virtual world, whereby each player accesses the game with the objective of finding virtual gold. The game is destined to revolutionise the mobile games industry due to its USP that users can actually exchange the virtual gold they find for real gold.

The key advantages of this franchise over any others are that is it can be managed from the comfort of an investor’s own home or office as flexibility and freedom is of paramount importance to investors in this business. This business can also be run whatever a franchise owner’s employment status. In addition, the business does not require expensive premises costs, staff or continual running costs. The franchise allows investors to be as interactive as they like and it is a fantastic way to get a whole family involved in a business.

Two Income Streams

Basically, investors make money through advertising and in-app purchases within the game itself.

Firstly, online advertising is now one of the biggest markets in the UK. An example of this year’s big news is the game Flappy Birds, which was making $50,000 per day from in-game advertising. But in truth, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Currently, the top game at the moment is called Clash of Clans. The game is free to play but makes $650,000 a day in advertising and in-app purchases. A game played for free without any incentive.

Anyone, anywhere can own a franchise and become part of the video game and mobile applications sector. The entry level to own a franchise is £15,000 per level and is sold in multiples of £15,000 thereafter. This will give an investor 15,000sqft of virtual mining territory where they will manage the business. The owner of the level will receive revenue from advertising and in-app purchases. 20 per cent of the profit goes to the Management Service Fees, which pays for the continual development, maintenance, security and marketing of the game and the remaining 80 per cent will go straight to the franchise owner. Very low conservative forecasts show a return of between 358 per cent and 717 per cent over three years once the game is launched – a return on investment, which few offerings can match.

Currently the game is under development as ‘Project Miner’ and will be renamed just before launch. The developers, Mad Media Labs, are a young and dynamic company, which has developed video games and apps for a number of well known household names such as Barclays, Land Rover, Crowdstar and the BBC.

Your Role

We are looking for individuals and companies to purchase a franchise for a mining level within the game. This will be done through a franchise agreement where you will become the franchise owner of the level. There are different levels of participation and all interested parties will be offered the opportunity to purchase a single level or multiple levels. The cost depends on the size of the level, as the levels are virtual game real estate. There will be a limited number of mining levels made available to franchise owners in order maximise your profits.

You will then manage your virtual business to it’s full potential from the naming, design and creation of your level through to the promoting and advertising of your level via different marketing routes. Full training will be given by us to maximise your profits. There will also be a dedicated support help line to assist you whenever it is required.

The main objective is clear, to become one of the largest companies in the sector and multiply its value year on year. There are plans in the pipeline to float the business on the stock market once the game is launched in the near future too.