So what did you do today?

Were you stuck behind a desk, in the same old seat or behind a steering wheel; dealing with the same old problems; the same people, the same mind bending monotony of a job that rewards others more than it does you? Prokill Director and Head of Development, Geoff Whittle, reveals what Prokill franchise owners get up to every day

Clive Ticehurst kicks off the day in Hertfordshire by tactfully removing a rat from the hot chocolate dispenser of a large hotel’s coffee machine while a scheduled breakfast meeting is stalled for ‘technical reasons’. Thorough cleansing ensures no additional flavours!

This is swiftly followed by a 9am appointment for Mark Davidson, in Wirral, securing the re-signing of a second three-year contract that was originally only due to run for one year with a food manufacturing site that has to guarantee quality to its customers for fear of losing reputation and its business.

Meanwhile Glenn Patullo, in Suffolk, has been burrowing with his new ferrets in an industrial park in order to clear 80 rabbit burrows to stop the business owners hopping with frustration. Other franchise owners opt to go off cross country with their rifles.

Not to be outdone, Justin Holloway’s man in Swindon has just released his trained hawk over Swindon Public Library to ensure that no one has to leave a deposit on their books.

Justin himself, meanwhile, has a hell of a time hunting in some really obscure places for the pub owner’s pet rat who, when found, has already passed on to rat heaven; while Justin is scared to death to find that the landlord’s pet tarantula had also legged it at the same time – and spiders give Justin the creeps!

Meanwhile in Avon, Roy Hawkes is three stories up in a flat dealing with a big problem in which hornets have eaten through a bathroom ceiling and the nest, when removed, weighs in at four kilos. Brian Tucker, in Shropshire, is penetrating the depths of a pig farm to investigate potential bird protection work.

Dennis Simmons, in Reading, is up to his legs in spiders in a swanky office block, where meetings are disrupted by raining arachnids – Dennis soon fogs them off.

Mick Ragan, in Essex, is just finishing a cockroach treatment that’s taken three months and had him crawling over 81 flats, while Andy Chowdhury, in Manchester, takes a dubious phone call from someone after a contract killer!

As the day draws to a close, we’re back with Clive who’s camping up a tree in fully protective suit hunting caterpillar tents of the Brown Tail Moth, whose barbs are harmful if inhaled or touched. Three hours later, the job’s done and Clive’s a couple of kilos in perspiration lighter but as with all our team before, the customer’s delighted.

Matt’s settled back at home in Romford, when an emergency call to buzz over to a customer at 10pm in the rain to remove a wasps’ nest, means working in the pitch black is the darker side of the business but it can be highly profitable.

Although not all of these events happened in one day, they’re nevertheless entirely genuine and testament to the huge variety of business you’ll enjoy as Prokill franchise owner, whether you’re in an office block, industrial unit, farm, ship or private home. If a hugely varied lifestyle with a superbly profitable, contract-based income stream appeals to you and you’re capable of building a management-style business of your own – then contact Geoff Whittle at Prokill today to put your life on to a different track.

What will you do tomorrow?