As the first franchise company in pest prevention, Prokill has developed the experience and knowledge that enables it to provide a management franchise package that is geared towards success. Adam Browning reports

With a vision to complete a national network of 100 franchised territories, Prokill has developed its own 'Charter for Success' to ensure that franchisees will always have the best chance of success. With an accredited training programme coupled with a commitment to ongoing support, Prokill is determined to assist its franchisees every step of the way.

Successfully operating for over five years, Prokill is building itself a solid reputation among its growing customer base. Working in a range of diverse sectors, Prokill offers its customers a wealth of expertise and experience in providing a service where demand is unaffected by the performance of the economy.

'Pest Control is an ongoing necessity for any business or residence, one that if ignored can multiply into significant or debilitating problems in terms of business efficiency and health,' says Prokill Head of Development Geoff Whittle. 'What we have done at Prokill is revolutionise how the service is provided, elevating the business away from the 'life of grime' approach into a professional identification, prevention and cure scenario that creates a cleaner environment for all concerned. With increasingly stringent EU and government directives regarding health and safety plus the growth in new infestations due to climate change, pest control has to be one of the best bets for future business growth.'

Prokill's professionalism towards its business is reflected in its attitude to building a successful franchise network. Franchisees are trained to a professional standard that ensures the level of service they provide is among the best. Operating under highly coveted national accreditations, Prokill offers a six week training course that equips franchisees with the industry recognised RSPH Certificate in pest control. Focusing upon high standards, Prokill ensures that its franchisees are a credit to themselves while reinforcing the Prokill brand.

'We recognise that in selecting the best applicants in terms of ability and ambition we will often have to start from scratch in terms of building their knowledge of the pest control industry,' Geoff reveals. 'This isn't a problem as we have created a thoroughly professional training programme covering all aspects of practical, field and theoretical experience - to the extent that we're one of the only places outside of the British Pest Control Association now recognised as a Royal Society for the Promotion of Health examination centre. The franchisee earns credible professional qualifications from day one.' Prokill offers a management franchise opportunity, with the franchisee overseeing a number of employed surveyors and technicians in a substantial exclusive territory, creating real potential for business development. 'Our territories are designed to permit the franchisees the maximum business growth in the future, and we are building a growing portfolio of contractual business that carries through from year to year,' says Geoff. 'After two or three years of successful trading a franchisee should expect at least 40 per cent of the business to be ongoing income that can be relied upon and built upon each year - excellent for cash-flow forecasting and a great comfort for those anxious to avoid a hand-to-mouth business income.'

In providing a welcome service, franchisees will never have to push a 'hard sell'. Candidates do not even need experience in the pest control profession. Prokill is looking for keen, confident and determined individuals who have the desire to develop and manage a team. 'We want self-motivated individuals with the commitment to succeed,' says Geoff. 'We've been particularly pleased that those we've appointed are already performing beyond our initial expectations. It's particularly pleasing for us to be vindicated in our belief in the strength of our system by the performance of our franchisees from day one.'