Stepping stones to Prokill success!

Half the cost, double the opportunity!

Prokill now offers two ways to be able to share in the success of the country's strongest marketplace, if you qualify for the award of one of our franchises.

Our name is becoming so well respected that Prokill's regional and national customers are asking us to become national more quickly - so that they can utilise our services wherever they trade. We need your help. For a limited period we're offering a two tier way of joining the Prokill success story and becoming your Prokill 'Local Hero':

1) The existing fully fledged, exclusive and significant prime territory which represents a one hundredth part of the nation's total properties at a fully inclusive £60k.

2) The NEW Prokill 'satellite' territory - again fully exclusive but with an option to upgrade to the master territory after six months, roughly half the size, roughly half the cost at about £30k.

The best just got better!

If you're thinking of starting a management-style business, Prokill offers the very best hedge against economic downturn and financial uncertainty. Now we offer you the ability to get into the action immediately - it helps you to get started and it helps us to increase the breadth of our service across the country.

Interested in kicking off a fantastically profitable future? Call us today.