Prontaprint: Join in our success story...

If you want to be part of a success story, they don't come much bigger than Prontaprint

We've always been a market leader - ever since our founders Edwin Thirlwell and Ken Clement opened their first Prontaprint centre back in 1971. We're the best-known name in the UK print market, a founder of the British Franchise Association and the first print company ever to be awarded Business Superbrand status by the Brand Council - an accolade we've retained for several years.

Right from the start our story has been one of constant progress, bringing business communication to life through highly creative design, superior quality print and a commitment to providing the essential ideas that make business print stand out. Our success is based on Edwin and Ken's simple idea - make high-quality design, print and copying available to everyone. An idea so effective that Prontaprint now has a network of 175 franchised centres across the UK and Ireland - many with a turnover of well over £1 million a year.

And it's franchisees like husband and wife team Steve and Sandra Whitley at Prontaprint in Wrexham who are enjoying the benefits of a successful and thriving business. After 13 years of trading, the couple moved to a purpose built location in order to expand their service offering and accommodate a range of new technology. This, coupled with being one of the first centres in the UK to pilot test Prontaprint's new brand positioning, prompted a 20% increase in turnover after just 16 months. Their success is built on a combination of reacting to changing client needs, and supplementing Prontaprint's business support with their own resources to continuously stay one step ahead of competitors.

And just like our ambitious franchisees we're not standing still. We may be at the top right now but we're preparing for the next chapter of our success story - and you could be a part of it. We focus our sales effort on the lucrative business market, after all we're a £50 million organisation with many blue-chip clients including Hush Puppies, British Airways and Dixons.

We've recently invested £3 million and two years of research into the market to develop a new brand identity - one which really stands Prontaprint out from its competitors and is designed to have maximum appeal among business clients.

Not only does Prontaprint look different, it feels different too. Our design and print services have been enhanced and we've worked hard to ensure our standards of support for all our franchisees are better than ever before.

As a next generation Prontaprint franchisee at one of our £1 million turnover centres, you can trust us to support you every step of the way and provide a proven commercial business formula, honed through 35 years of industry experience, that has produced results time and time again.

This is your chance to write your own success story. Our market is set to grow by 12 per cent by the end of 2007 (source Cap Venture) and Prontaprint offers clients the broadest-ever range of design, print and business-to-business expertise to meet that burgeoning demand.

There's no need for print experience. We're looking for business professionals with the right mix of entrepreneurial spirit and individual flair to reflect our new positioning and drive our success story even further. Prontaprint is a brand with big ambitions, so if you think you've got what it takes to start a whole new success story of your own - get in touch.

A successful down to the strength of its characters

A success for 35 years - Prontaprint is the largest and best known print-on-demand franchise in Europe and the first print Business Superbrand.

So what's the secret of our success? A tried and tested business model? A range of high-quality services? Or an unrivalled business support team? It's all of these plus one very special factor - our talented and ambitious Franchisees.

Many centres have a turnover in excess of £1 million and we're looking for ambitious business professionals who want to be part of our success.