Print, design and copy specialist Prontaprint reveals how it has a wealth of recruitment opportunities available to aspiring franchisees as it rolls out a new generation of digital business print centres across the country

Many of Prontaprint's growing number of digital print centres enjoy annual turnovers well in excess of £1 million and Prontaprint is keen to attract new Franchises with the talent and ambition to grow their own centres to a similar level. And, for an entry cost of just £30,000, those substantial monetary rewards are available to young entrepreneurs who may previously have lacked the funds to be a key player in the success of a major franchise organisation.

Emerging business districts such as York, Fulham, Norwich and Finchley have recently benefited from the addition of new cutting-edge centres, run by new Franchisees, with a further 20 expected to open in a range of locations within the next three years, taking the Prontaprint network to over 200 centres. These are ambitious plans from an ambitious and truly forward thinking £50 million company.

Recently awarded Business Superbrand status for the third successive year by a renowned panel of marketing experts at The Brand Council, Prontaprint is looking for driven and ambitious individuals with extensive experience in the fields of sales, marketing and business management to ensure that the company's position among the UK's leading brand names is consistently maintained and progressed.

New additions to Prontaprint's growing team of Franchisees include Joe Douglas at the brand new digital print centre in Norwich. Joe brings with him a wealth of business professionalism having worked in high profile marketing roles for Blue Chip companies including the RAC, Npower, Royal Mail and Budget Rent-a-Car.

Joe is characteristic of the new Franchisees that Prontaprint is currently on the search for - young business professionals who have the commercial acumen, to ensure intuitive understanding of clients' objectives alongside excellent people skills. 'I firmly believe that my experience will bring added value to Prontaprint's business clients because these days businesses want more than just off-the-shelf standard services,' explains Joe. 'Part of my role here is to get under the skin of clients to provide the kind of all-round communication solutions that save them money and help them make additional sales quickly and cost-effectively. Prontaprint is in the business of making other businesses look good - whether through producing high quality design marketing materials, easy-to-use training or presentation manuals or simply ensuring that all-important documents look good and arrive on time.' Prontaprint's loyal clients include some of the biggest names in UK business - such as Moat House Hotels, Oxfam, Hush Puppies, DaimlerChrysler and the NHS - but with small and medium-sized companies making up the majority of UK plc, the marketplace for Prontaprint services is huge and there for the taking.

Target locations for new Franchises currently include Oxford, Liverpool, Ipswich and Cambridge and all will utilise the latest print technology to maximise the business potential for in-coming Franchisees.