The property business with no experience required

Looking to invest in a business that would help people sell their house and rent it back, Alan Challinor and Daniel Griffith found the perfect opportunity with Property Cashpoint

Although business partners Alan Challinor and Daniel Griffith have only recently launched their Property Cashpoint franchise, they are confident that they will reach their year one turnover target of £100,000. Alan and Daniel had already established a successful business that assists people with debt problems when they saw an advert for Property Cashpoint.

Alan recalls: "We liked this franchise as we thought the similarities between our existing company and Property Cashpoint would mean we could run two businesses that complement each other. Many customers who we already deal with either need to sell their house in order to clear off existing debts or are paying such a large mortgage that they cannot afford to keep up the repayments, and these are natural customers for Property Cashpoint."

Property Cashpoint is a Newcastle-based company that assists people looking to sell their houses for cash. Franchise owners organise the sale from finding a buyer to coordinating legal completion. In addition the company finds suitable properties for investment clients.

Property Cashpoint is looking for enthusiastic self-starters who enjoy working with people to become franchise owners. Although no property purchasing experience is required as full training is provided, franchise owners must have the motivation and capacity to learn the techniques and systems used. Furthermore, franchise owner candidates need to have the determination and commitment to make a proven system work for them.

As part of the Property Cashpoint franchise package, franchise owners will receive a thorough induction into the Property Cashpoint marketplace, business operations, proprietary systems and the proven marketing and sales training strategies used by the company's existing buyers. As well as training, a support team will assist the launch of every Property Cashpoint franchise and will provide franchise owners with ongoing support.

Before launching their franchise, Alan went on the Property Cashpoint training course. Alan recalls: "I had two weeks training that was held at head office. The training was very thorough and ensured that I would be prepared for running the franchise once it was launched. Daniel is about to attend a training course too, which means that we will both be fully trained. As part of the franchise package we were allocated a budget for advertising our Property Cashpoint business in our local area for the launch. We used this money for a leaflet campaign, which was organised by a marketing company that is used by head office."

Alan and Daniel are already making plans to expand in the future. "In the short term our aim is to become known throughout the local area so that we can help more people who are in financial difficulty," says Alan. "In the next six to 12 months we are expecting to take on an employee and in the long-term we want to expand our business by taking on more employees."

Interview by Derin Ibrahim