RainSoft: A clear leader in water treatment systems

Over the last 50 years, water consumption in the United States alone increased by more than 100 percent,"reveals Tony Sharma, Director, Business Development of RainSoft. "In the same period, it rose by more than 500 per cent in Europe and 300 per cent in Africa. Many experts predict that world consumption will double by the year 2020."

This significant trend is driving the growth of quality water treatment solutions such as RainSoft, which has been designing and manufacturing a complete line of residential, commercial and industrial water treatment products at its headquarter facilities in Chicago since 1953.

'84 per cent of Americans are concerned about the quality of their water, and a similar number (78 per cent) of Europeans have the same perception,' reflects Sharma. 'Yet, only 12 per cent of this relatively untapped market has installed some type of water conditioning/drinking water device.'

A division of Aquion Water Treatment Products, RainSoft began offering dealerships to exclusively sell, install and service its products in 1960 and began developing international markets in 1990. Now, with 300 dealerships established worldwide, in markets including Canada, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkey and the UK.

'Further European expansion is a priority and we are well-placed to support this with a dedicated support centre established in Belgium,' explains Sharma. 'We are seeking individuals who are prepared to be very hands on in the daily operations of the business. Strong leaders who can motivate and inject energy into the systems, experienced in marketing, sales and networking with good business sense and the capability to manage the business financially.

'We are offering Regional Master and Area Development licences for individuals to take on sizeable territories, although we would entertain granting a National Master Franchise for a small country. This is a low-investment opportunity, requiring between US$80,000 and US$200,000 depending on the territory.'