Real beans, real coffee and a real opportunity for success

Here's your chance to enjoy a taste of The Real Bean Coffee Company...

With 70 per cent of British adults consuming between three to four cups every day, we're now officially a nation of coffee drinkers. We drink more than 70 million cups daily - that's highly impressive for a nation of 61 million.

Famously loyal to their favourite provider, disappointed coffee drinkers will also happily move on in the search for a reliably great-tasting cup.

That's why coffee providers need dependable, cost-effective equipment - machines that are fully appropriate for their needs and which can be trusted to turn out a perfect cup of coffee every time. And that's why customers will keep coming back for more.

It was this thinking that led a trio of coffee connoisseurs to establish The Real Bean Coffee Company in 2009. They developed an exceptional customer-orientated offering, secured unprecedented access to the most trusted professional coffee making equipment in Europe and assembled a portfolio of beans good enough to please the most discerning palate.

The concept was the perfect recipe for success and The Real Bean Coffee Company rapidly became a potent new player in the national market - a market that has grown by almost 20 per cent in the last five years.

Having now refined our methods, system and presentation, we're planning to spread The Real Bean Coffee Company experience across the UK through a tempting franchise opportunity - the surest way to bring a unique coffee provision to the tens of thousands of businesses and organisations that need them around the country.

Franchise owners will receive invaluable skills training, a proven business formula, personalised support, a strong brand name and an exclusive range of customer-friendly products and services - all enabling you to gain and maintain rewarding long-term accounts with confidence.

If you're thirsty for success, we'd like to hear from you!