Franchisee aims for one million pound turnover

Getting to a one million pound turnover is the short term goal for Russell Golding, who is doing so well with his Recognition Express franchise that he has bought a second.

The acquisition of a second franchise in January has seen Russell Golding's franchise territory dramatically expand from his initial Cambridgeshire territory. His franchise now includes four more counties: Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. With a new business plan in place Russell (pictured opposite) is confident that his enlarged business will meet a combined projected turnover in excess of £500,000.

'I became a Recognition Express franchisee in 2004,' recalls Russell. 'I decided to run my own business and invest in a franchise because I was fed up with the long commute to London, where I worked as a Business Sales Manager at the Reuters news agency. I craved more time with my family and so decided a radical life change was in order and running my own business seemed the logical solution.'

'I thought about what was important to me and what I wanted to do to reach my personal goals in life. I decided to investigate different franchise opportunities intrigued by the notion of a 'ready-made' business package that used a tried and tested business model.' As part of his research Russell read The Franchise Magazine where he found Recognition Express and followed up his interest.

'I felt that a franchise that had won the British Franchise Association's 'Franchise of the Year' award and had a long track record was a good investment,' explains Russell. 'I had already come into contact with corporate and personalised promotional products in the past so knew the concept worked and believed that Recognition Express was a recession proof investment.

'The franchise package includes an initial three-week training programme covering all aspects of running the business from credit control to manufacturing and sales. Ongoing training and refresher courses are available as and when required. The support system in place is excellent - you can phone head office or ask another franchisee for help and guidance, so you never feel completely on your own.'

Since the purchase of his second franchise Russell has found that he is spending more time in the office. 'It was a big leap purchasing a second franchise with such a large and established territory,' says Russell. 'Until I have the company foundation blocks in place and running as effectively as possible, I am prepared to invest additional time in order to reap the long term benefits. Once everything is in order, I will leave the day-to-day running of the business to my team and focus my energies on sales and marketing as well as developing the brand throughout my territory. I'm keen to focus on great customer service that will create repeat business.

My ultimate goal is to have a business that operates without me having to be in the office myself. Ultimately this all means my vision of achieving a £1 million plus turnover in three years will become a reality. 'For me, the real benefit of running my own business is my quality of life. I am not chained to a desk and, because I work for myself, my hours can be flexible allowing me to spend more time with my family. Last year I was able to go on numerous family holidays, which is something that would not have been viable before. In October we went to California and then for Christmas we took the children to see Father Christmas in Lapland.'

Interview by Jess Sturman

Before you go into a franchise be sure it is one you can trust and with a proven track record...

  • bfa Franchise of the Year 2003
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'I have always found Recognition Express to be a model franchise. It is an outstanding example of a company which takes ethical franchising seriously. The benefits are shared by Recognition Express, its franchisees and its customers. And that is why it is successful.'
Sir Bernard Ingham, bfa President