Breaking records

Nathan Holmes’ recent outstanding sales achievement is the latest in a long line of success stories from the UK’s premier SMART repairer, Revive!.

Five years ago Nathan Holmes dreamed about running a business. Leaving college with an IT background, Nathan felt he was well-equipped for the world, but the reality of everyday work was not the challenge he sought after. “ I realised I was far more ambitious than just a 9-5 job and I had always liked the idea of working for myself – I just didn’t have a business concept.”

Franchising – marrying my skills with a tried and tested business concept

“I saw that franchising could be a great way to marry my skills with a tried and tested business idea – so it seemed a great fit. I researched different businesses and realised that with my passion for cars that working in the SMART repair sector, fixing minor damage on cars, would be ideal for me. I then looked at various companies within the sector and initially started putting plans together. I had a meeting with Revive! and I instantly knew that this was the business for me.

“The meeting with Revive! was a breath of fresh air, nothing was sugar coated, it was honest and I could see a massive difference between Revive! and other franchises in the sector. Revive! is driving the professionalism up in SMART repairs – they look for business owners rather than guys who will just paint cars – and that fitted my ambition perfectly.”

Nathan is staggered by both his own and his company’s development in such a short space of time.

“Five years ago I knew very little about running a business – now I have six staff and my role is to manage the team, rather than just painting cars myself.”

Record sales in August

“For me, I have set out a plan to grow in line with Revive!’s franchise blueprint and it is hugely rewarding to be in this position now. In 2012 I set out to get four vans on the road by the end of the year, but as the year progressed and with more and more sales coming in, we just needed to add to the fleet to meet the demands for work. In August we broke the monthly sales achievement doing over £40,000 in sales (inclusive of VAT) and if I had to be perfectly honest, if we had more manpower and further vans we would have done more!”

“We achieved these sales through hard work – the guys worked really long hours at times, because we needed to get the work done – but this all comes through providing an outstanding service to our customers not just occasionally but all the time, and this does set us apart from our local competitors. Going that extra mile for your customer and building their trust so that they know you are there to support them, is essential in this difficult economy. However, as you can see, by going that extra mile – you do get the rewards!”

Nathan’s business continues to excel and is already way ahead of plans. In a plan to continue the growth into 2013 and beyond, Nathan announced exclusively to The Franchise Magazine that he has recently sold shares to two of his most loyal and proficient employees.

“I realised that I could manage five vans on my own, but to continue the growth into the next few years I needed support to do that, by people who would be as motivated as I am about the business. Bringing these guys into the business will allow the further expansion to take place and bring more work in.”

Nathan shows a clear passion for his business and feels that you can get the right balance with work and lifestyle. “There are sacrifices to be made at times but I am delighted with where we are now with the business and hugely excited about the prospect of what is to come.”

Revive! has the largest number of accredited SMART paint technicians in the UK and is looking for service driven individuals to build businesses.